anyone also give up alcohol ??

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Islanders190, May 27, 2017.

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    You are 6 months sober? Or you have it under complete control for 6 months? Either way, congratulations man! My longest streak was 2,5 months back in 2015. Then I slowly rolled back in. But as I said, I have a shitload of motivation this time and won't quit this time, trust me :)

    The weird thing is, normally I would've opened my first beer by now (of the 2), but by getting this off my chest the urge is less strong. Maybe I'll skip today.

    Again, congrats on the 6 months man, many people underestimate how hard it is, I, unfortunately, do not. :D
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    After a messy break-up from my girlfriend, I got into a habit of spending perhaps 3-6 hours a day PMO while drinking 1-2 bottles of wine.

    That lasted 8 months. I stopped drinking for two months and then slid back into drinking. I have now decided it is all or nothing, and my daily counter is a counter for no PMO as well as no alcohol. The no alcohol is really a life-long commitment and I simply can't drink 'responsibly.' I am getting professional help with the alcohol issue.
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    My Journal
    Congrats on 25 Days No Alcohol & PMO @Dake1963 . This is really a great achievement. All the best!
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    By quitting alcohol i also lost contact to people who drink unresponsible (like i did for years).

    There are many friendships dependend on alcohol, and if you take alcohol out of the friendship, there's no reason left to meet each other.

    Many friendships dependend on alcohol are also dependend on every member feeling bad, behaving as if getting drunk would be "fun" because money, life, job, wife ... sucks.

    The moment you change your mindset and take responsibility for your life, behavior and spirituality is the moment when you are no longer part of such friendships.
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    The problem with drinking goes hand to hand with pmo. And rest of the problems.
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    I could not agree more with everything you said in the past when I tried to quit drinking and I was sober I tried hanging out with my "friends" at the bar sober but it just didn't work. we had nothing to talk about and I was extremely bored. I guess all our conversations took place when we were drunk. because we bonded over drinking and once you remove that there's nothing to bond over anymore. another time I went to a friend's house who drinks like a fish and at the time I was trying to get sober and this guy kept telling me to take a drink etc for the whole damn time it was really annoying. me and this guy were childhood friends who reconnected again when we were in ours 20s.but what we both wanted out of life was different things. I had to let go of that friendship because it didn't serve me anymore
    not to say he doesn't text me from time to time when he's in my area asking to come over to drink
    btw the presense process looking interesting might add it to my list of books to read

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    that's awesome man I wish you the best on your journey ! my alcoholism really took flight also when a girl I loved 4 years ago couldn' be with me due to her circumstances . her family wanted her with a guy of her spiritual I don't Beleive religion should stop 2 people from being together. I was devastated I tried killing myself twice one attempt was jumping in the river because I can't swim. when that didn't work I went to the bottle who became my best friend over the years. but I eventually relaized alcohol is no friend it's a judas in disguise

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    Yeah. Things I gave up:

    1. PMO
    2. Alcohol
    3. Marijuana
    4. Self-Conscious Thoughts (working on this one)

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