Anyone avoiding their favorite show due to triggers

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by GrandmasterElectrican, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. GrandmasterElectrican

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    Howdy yall
    Im starting this thread cause I have a handful of shows i really enjoy watching.
    Game of Thrones, Rome, American Horror Story, but i find it hard as all these shows have graphic sex scenes and nudity.
    Just curious what shows do yall watch but have to be mindful of the content within.
  2. Minsc

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    In a way, yes. At the moment I don't want to have to process that stuff so I'm shying away from them. I say it really depends on the reason a person got into the show in the first place. If it was for the sex then that would be a big reason to drop it.
  3. Qujing Shen

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    It's tough - so much of the visual media is sexually stimulating. Beautiful women emerge at every turn.

    Thankfully, I happen to be a film snob, so there are plenty of foreign films I can watch that are heavier on desolate snowy landscapes than they are on teasing cleavages (or any other saliva-inducing delights)!
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  4. GrandmasterElectrican

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    I dont watch any for the nudity they just happen to have it.
    I dont rewatch game of thrones or rome atm just cause i dont want to be tempted. As for ahs I just love the scares that show gives me and as for the sexual content i look away if i feel slightly uncomfortable.
  5. I don't worry about the triggers. I've definitely been effected by triggers on occasion but I feel like dealing with them is a major part of recovery. It's a must to learn to deal with triggers because society isn't gonna become wholesome in any of our lifetimes. You can't porn block the tits and booties in yoga pants that you encounter in real life. When I'm turned on by a trigger but I fight through it and choose not to fap I feel accomplished and encouraged that I can control myself if I stay dedicated.
  6. I think it just depends on what you need, personally, to recover. Some people can handle those triggers more than others, and some people can handle them sometimes and not other times.

    I dont really watch a lot of stuff with nudity in it anyway, but I have been rewatching Dexter lately. But for some reason those scenes just arent really effecting me at all right now.

    However, I remember just a few weeks or months ago, I had to stop watching Rules of Engagement, of all things. It doesnt have any nudity, but they talk about sex and masturbation a lot, and at the current place I was in, almost every episode was triggering.

    So I think it just depends on you, and also on the timing. You need to pay attention to what your body is telling you and whether or not those shows are effecting you in a negative way, and be honest with yourself. Also, if you have DVR or something, maybe you could fast forward through those scenes or something? Or mute and close your eyes? Depending on if you're watching it with other people it not, but even so, maybe they wont mind and you can set an example for them, too. Who knows. Sometimes my husband skips things in shows we watch, and it always makes me think twice about why I wouldn't have skipped that part and maybe I should.
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  7. This is very true, and I agree. But at the same time, I also think that isnt necessarily wise for all people at all times, especially in the beginning. It might just be best for some people to avoid that stuff as much as possible until they get a bit of strength up and train themselves better to be prepared to deal with the triggers. If they're just starting off on their nofap journey and they dont avoid any triggers, it might end up like walking into battle with no shield or sword or plan. You've got to prepare yourself first, and that looks a bit different for everybody.
  8. moonesque

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    All media (movies, TV, video games, music) is screened first (Common Sense Media, Family Oriented websites, reviews, etc), from those results nothing with nudity/sexuality is watched and anything with vanity on appearance isn’t watched/interacted with.

    Just because life practically could have triggers is no reason to voluntarily let anything into my personal life, or specifically as I work on myself first, it could change over time and I think I have many years ahead of me, though I could be wrong.

    Ideals are more important to focus on, practicality our lives will happen as they will. Be wary of voluntary poisons.

    Its humbling and yes I’ve cut 99% of media out of my life. Mostly replaced by reading now and writing, or music.

    For example, there is a game I wish to play sometimes that recently came out, I haven’t bought it however and don’t plan to unless a review details what content is in it. I’m more happy this way Ive found because I don’t find myself constantly (randomly) thinking about some show or film or game and the like now.

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