Anyone been caught fapping?

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  1. One time I was jacking it under sheets and my mother walks in. I was naked but she didn't know cause I was under sheets. She kissed me good night when I was naked. She never knew. That's why I made my initial push to stop. Anyone else been caught pmoing or having sex?
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  2. When I was like 4 or 5 years old I was fapping all the time hiding behind the couch or in closet, or under sheets at bed. Didn't care who was in the room. Didn't thought they knew what I was up to. But I don't know, maybe they did. Or maybe they just thought I was playing there in closed and behind couch, I would take my toys with me there so... yea.

    One time when I was alone I did fap and right after I finished my mom returned home cos she forgot something, like keys or wallet or something. And I did not had time to clean up, my semen was all over the floor, so I had to cover it up with books. Which didn't look suspicious at all cos I just pretended to study on floor, like I did all the time cos it was more space there than on table.

    So that was the closest I got to getting caught. But no, never did got actually caught. Thank goddess lol.
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  3. You dodged a bullet there. Were the books you used to cover up the emission from the library?
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    Geez! o_O I don't remember anything from that age in my life! How can you remember the fact you were masturbating! :eek:
  5. Yea. All my books were from school library. I'm not sure about other places in world but in my country they make basic education free, which also includes free books. I was like 13 or 14 then so I was still in middle school. All of them were also in plastic covers, which was a requirement for everybody, cos they don't want their books ruined. If somebody would be too lazy to do so they would give you a big lecture and eventually call the parents and give lecture to them. So it was easy to clean up. Thanks goddess lol.
    I remember a lot from that age. I remember how I played in local park with other kids in sand with plastic shovel and bucket. I remember my parents bringing me to beach. I remember our vacations in countryside during summer. I remember where everything was, all the rooms of the building and roughly where the furniture was, tress and bushes I used to play in. I remember a lot of random stuff from that age. Very blurry tho, like I dream, but I do.
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    I think getting caught by your mother is a very common experience for guys. I got caught twice I think. I can remember one time in the morning my mother came into my room. I was fapping, under the blanket thankfully. I stopped of course. She said nothing but gave off a disappointed vibe. Maybe she knew and wanted to interrupt me.
    The other time is not so clear. I was PMOing with headphones on. Didn't hear my mother walking around outside of my room. She knocked on my door and said good night and casually added "don't be a fool!"
    I believe she heard me fapping and didn't like that. Otherwise the don't be a fool would have been really out of place.
    This sounds weird but I wasn't really emberassed to fap. I did it in private of course but I did not feel guilty. I was so brainwashed by these sex positive "it's okay to masturbate" propaganda that I almost thought something would be wrong if I didn't fap. My childhood was so f*cked up.

    Edit: I was in my teens. The first experience happened when I just discovered fapping. Must have been around 11 or 12.
  7. I felt like fapping is natural as well. My early teen years are destroyed because of that nonsense.
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    LMAO - they didn't want them soiled with semen stains! :p
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    Lately I have been feeling a lot of regret because of my rekt youth. But I'm also thinking what if I fapped more moderately? Maybe the ED would be very mild and I would have bad sex now, never researching because the ED would not be bad enough to become suspicious.
    I would think it was my age or stress, that I wasn't a horny kid anymore, while sleeping with a girl with a 80% erection not feeling anything thinking it is normal.
    Now that would suck even more.
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    I got caught by mom once as a child, but she got back to me later telling it was natural and she didn't know that I was "there" at that age..
    Anyway, during my PMO career, I got caught live multiple times watching porn and MO'ing by the wife....and I got caught by "my browser history" even by my kid :confused:.
    I got so sick of getting caught by the wife that I told her to stop coming in the room if she didn't want to see it....

    Good thing I managed to get rid of the bad habit....the wife finally spoke up and voiced her opinion about 6 months ago, which brought me here and initiated my recovery. She has been of great help ever since...
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  11. That's great. I'm doing this for my future wife and children.
  12. Never got caught but I felt really awkward.Someone would walk in and I had to act like I wasn't doing anything.
  13. Multiple times that happened to me.
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  14. It feels just as bad as getting caught lol
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    yup, good cause.
    BUT, the society is over sexualized nowadays. Almost all teens got ipods or phones and access porn from the Mcdinks (or insert any free wifi sources) bathrooms.
    My wife caught my daughter PMO'ing with her ipod at 10 yo...and I cut the wifi, password protected it and I got endless waves of problems caused by an aggressive teen starving for unmonitored internet access.

    Then she later got blackmailed into showing skin after going to sites she shouldn't be going to...then getting into online relationships with people across the earth....
    Trolling older peeps ,etc...
    All that coming from a smart kid, very intelligent and decent educated parents that passed on all the warnings, information ,watched documentaries with her, school beign giving information sessions, about amanda todd and other cyber bullying cases..

    The kids nowadays will have it harder that I did...and the VR porn is coming in fast!
  16. This type of bs happens all the time. I sometimes wish I grew up a few decades ago, it's a hell of a lot safer back then.
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    true, before all the nasty chemical street drugs were available, weed that seems (according to reports) much more potent, even porn is is much more addictive than old porn mags!
    Online dating, instagram, snapcrap, etc...
  18. Shitstagram
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  19. last month.. Right when I was done a pmo session I took out my headphones and got off my bed and realized a grown ass man pretending not to look at me thru my window. There was a bunch of construction work going on and for some stupid reason I don't have curtains for my windows plus I was using my headphones so I didn't hear them outside my house.
    I was half naked too and just ran to the washroom. The paranoid side of me thinks he somehow recorded that and I'm somewhere online.
  20. Damn dude. I would never fap again if that happened to me.

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