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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Etherealun, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Etherealun

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    So I've been excessively masturbating and its caused some problems my dick is red on the head and has fine lines/cracks on foreskin prob cause I never used lube, anyway I don't have balinitis or anything like that as I saw a doctor but I never told him I was excessively masturbating out of embarrassment. I was swab tested and everything which was clean but still red and irritated but I have never given my dick a week or more to heal and it's been a few months since this all started. Now I'm getting worried but if I leave my dick alone will it heal? And if so how long roughly? It's still patchy red and the skin is a bit rough with fine lines in it, I picked up some coconut oil so hopefully that helps but think I just need to leave it be for a good while. Also is it normal from excessive rubbing for it to get red spots on the head? I think I'm at a point where it starts to heal but I just fap and it starts all over again.
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    Stop touching it..... Let it heal...... Youre gonna need your penis to please your long term partner one day. Can you imagine a long term relationship of over 20 years if you cant please your woman...... Thats the shit that scares me the most. Even worse imagine if you cant even enjoy sex anymore...... Take care of your penis man
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    Had something similar a few times. Just don't touch it for a few days and it will heal up.
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    Coconut oil can do wonders.
  5. Stop touching your cock before anything worse happens
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    Had something similar. Normal dr didnt know what it was after usual tests.
    Tried a diff dr that had interest in reproductive health and she looked at it for 10 seconds and said mild fungal infection. Gave me a cream. Was gone a week later
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