Anyone else feel kind of bothered by how cut throat the world is?

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    I have a couple of brothers who are attorney's, one practices and one doesn't. The one who does practice works at a firm that specializes in home owner association contracts.

    Basically what there job consists of is hunting down people who are losing their homes due to bankruptcy, and taking whatever equity they have in their property away to pay various fees in the contract that they may not have been aware off, because they didn't have a lawyer revise the contract or didn't understand the ins and outs of the contract itself.

    Well, my brother texted me today laughing about families who didn't have any equity left in their property, and that they would be paying it though their garnished wages.

    This gesture was kind of a kick in the gut, because I am going to be engaging in the bankruptcy process soon, and I feel like if Wall Street can get bailed out gambling on the economy, still get paid hefty bonuses with tax dollars, while hundreds of thousands go homeless, how come these fees can't at least be discharged, so whatever equity is left can be used to try and start fresh?

    Something just seems very off to me that your wages will be garnished after falling on hard times, and to laugh at people who will be getting their wages garnished after the fact kind of bothered me. You know some of these owners have children as well.

    Pretty funny, eh?

    Or maybe "They signed the contract" just needs to be looked at objectively, and we shouldn't take into any consideration all the other variables that play a role in a suffering humans life. Screw it if they got laid off from their job, fell on hard times, and are losing their home. We still need those fees!

    Or maybe I am just a giant pussy? I get it, some people don't care. That is there right, I guess. Who cares about people and society when you're a lawyer just thinking about collecting those fees so you can buy a new Lexus at the end of the month.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. The world can definitely seem pretty cutthroat. A lot of it is.

    But not all of it. There are some pretty great parts that are self-sacrificing and genuinely loving and giving.

    I guess we can pick which part we want to belong to. See you there! :)
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  3. I'm not familiar with the term garnished, care to explain? But yhh it is cut throat. The fact that you tentatively ask demonstrate how indoctorinated we are. Anthony Robbins Exposes Wall Street Hidden Fees of 401k in his book unshakeable. It's not all bad, if you buy the book he gives the profit to charity. If you don't want to pay he made a free podcast with his own voice narration, also called unshakeable.
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    I used to be, but no more after getting blackpilled. bz-5ce43928c8fb9.png
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    Fortunately in my kingdom this sort of thing doesn't happen. My subjects are given free houses if they worship me.

    Your brother sounds like a real jerk. You must tell him to not come to the Kingdom of Bashan because if he does he will be locked up in tower a long time. Upon read this thread I declared a new law that any attorney entering the kingdom shall be interrogated to find out if he is a jerk. If he is found to be a jerk he shall be locked up in the tower.
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    This'll be a strange reply but a while ago I saw a screen name of The Yes Men, they do/did an interesting combo of activism and humor by impersonating reps of big corporations and such and have been mistaken for the real, caused Does stock to drop a billion dollars..
  7. The world does seem like a sad and angry place, and I wish it wasn't. Bill Murray once said something to the effect that its easier to get people to cry than it is to laugh.

    Bankers and attorneys are notorious for cut-throat scumbaggery. In light of this, sorry to say, but your brothers sound like heartless corporate asses. I hope they don't remain that way and someday find their souls again, and remember that they too are human.
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  8. guess Imnot allowed to proselytize so try your best! ;)
  9. Looool appropriate

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    honk honk
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  11. You just described the world as it stands today in a nutshell.

    That's the harsh reality of it, people are out for themselves, and they don't really give a damn what you're going through, or what your life is like.

    That's why I try not to be that person. I try to understand the world from other people's perspective.
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    Garnish just means that they take a certain portion of your check away on every paycheck until all the fees are paid off. I couldn't imagine that happening to me while going through all the emotions and hard feelings of losing everything I worked for. Not only that, but you're trying to rebound from being financially decimated when every dollar counts. I empathize maybe too much I guess, but when is enough enough?
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    I googled what peoples opinions were on lawyers, and found this comment to be very accurate:

    "As a lawyer, I see lawyers as being a reflection of humanities often dishonest and sadistic tendencies. We are the devils made large. We are the tools and weapons of the one percent. The rarely available help to the lower classes. The ones we hate, but often need."

    The tools of the one percent, since the lower classes can not afford. Very fitting.
  14. So true.
  15. Okay well unlike a traditional debt where there is the option to default, garnishing effectively takes ownership of the debtee, and in this case of bankers that would be obscene.
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    Your brother sounds like he could use some spaces between his teeth, if you understand me.
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    Feel rest in that the world has always been selfish, petty, cutthroat, and was worse. We are exposed more to it, and their are more people. So we see more victims, but there are also more at peace as well.
    Statically, the same amount of people that are happy or sad at a given time only varies slightly when events trigger it like 9/11 . But feel some ease, its not worse, there are just 10's of millions more people added to the planet every 10 years so the odd on seeing it is more common, but just as many do not see it . Make sense.?
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    thats just the way it is, no need to get bothered by it, in fact you can use it to your advantage.
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    Just focus on the world inside of you and none of that will matter.
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    True story. I have been working on this over the months.

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