Anyone else feel like they can't think straight?

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  1. I honestly feel like a retard lol. I can't focus on anything, I just sit and stare blankly because there are barely even any thoughts going on and the ones that I do have are either repetitive or like obsessive thoughts about double checking things. I also get annoyed super quickly, have to force myself to eat, muscle aches throughout my body, constant anxiety and this feeling like I'm about to cry and my dick feels like it's frozen and like it's gonna fall off. Jesus, I didn't think it could get this bad. The other day I was out for a walk and I was sitting somewhere and this mountain bike rider turned around and rode back to me and he was like "Are you okay man? You seem so sad and alone" and I joked it off and brushed him off but damn, I wish I had someone to talk to about stuff irl. I see a therapist once a week but let's face it: They're just friend prostitutes. My family doesn't want to see me anymore and all I have is my autistic dad who can't comprehend what's going on with me.
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    Don't worry bro what about your streak on NoFap ?
    I can relate your situation bro feeling like most of the time our mind is blank and if i can think it is hard for me and feeling like i have not focus and not concentrate on things . Its all about brain fog,doing NoFap seriously it has gone bro . And don't feel lonely go get out of your house make freinds and socialise yourself and live your life happily . And talk to your parents bro and doing positive things regularly like meditation exercise etc..
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    I feel you dude. Sometimes I just wander around my house wondering what I should be doing. It's pretty sad. Like literally just pacing back and forth, walk in to one room, get a snack, walk into the other room... walk back. What I've tried to do (and am still trying) is to find things that I might be interested in, find hobbies and at least just give them a shot, try them out to see if I like them. My hobby for most of my life was staring at women and watching porn. I need to find new outlets for my interests. It's hard but I know that one or two of these things will really stick and I'll find something I really enjoy doing. I can occupy my thoughts with that. Easier said than done, but that's my experience at least.
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  4. I'm still waiting to get rid of the "Mind fog". Whenever I decide to do something productive, I keep thinking about sex and how lonely I've been recently...
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    Yeah man, the loneliness is real. At night when I'm alone is when all the thoughts of self-pity and negativity come in. This is usually when I'm most tempted to PMO and stuff. The mornings for me are what often make or break my day. Confucious has a saying that if you hear the way in the morning, you will go to bed satisfied. This is a very tough situation you're in. It's hard to just get by with mental training alone (it's possible but I've tried it and it's hit or miss as of now). I think an important thing for you to do would be to get a job. Why do I feel like you have a crappy career and you don't have much fulfillment from your life? Whenever I'm making money and working on my professional skills, I feel 100x better and am less likely to PMO. How's your career life?
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  6. My streak is going well all in all. It has become easy to avoid peaking and sexting now that I'm aware of the dangers of porn and now that I know all too well the place to which it will send me. The problem I'm facing is that I don't have a clue how to interact with other people, it's been so long since I've regularly been in social situations. What I'm trying to do right now is just getting out of the house by whatever means possible (walking, mountain biking, going to the store etc) to try to get myself used to being out and about again. The relationship with my family is gonna take a long time to heal I think. If it heals at all. Anyway thank you for your post man, after writing my post yesterday I already felt better. I just needed to get it off my chest. We can never give up.

    Yes same here. I have so much time on my hands now and it scares me honestly. Like what do I do all day? So I've been doing the same as you, looking for things that I might be interested in. That's how I got into mountain biking and writing and started reading more etc. It helps but overall I feel like it's still escapism in a way to keep myself from having to do the really scary thing which is opening up to the world and socializing with others.

    He's a hell of a guy :)

    My loneliness passed eventually. I realised that I can't always have what I want and that if I am going to attract friends and potential romance I'll have to become a confident, productive member of society in some sort of way. The brainfog makes life pretty hard for me because a lot of the things I enjoy require focus and a clear head, which I don't have right now. My piano is gathering dust and so are my books. I'm sure it'll pass eventually though, I've had windows of time where I felt superhuman confidence and clarity.
  7. Man, I've got like 5 books that I know I will find genuinely interesting, but just can't get to read them or if I try, brain fog prevents me from doing so.
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  8. Same, I keep picking them up and putting them down later in frustration because I keep reading the same sentence over and over and not understanding it. It's frustrating how much this shit takes away from you. Not only have I lost my sexuality, confidence and motivation but I've even lost my mind. Just trying to ride it out right now.
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    Yeah I've had that experience before but I don't know how much PMO has to do with it specifically. I also have a theory that it could be from watching too much passive entertainment like Youtube, TV, etc. Anytime you allow your mind to get stimulation without effort, it seems to condition the mind to be more passive in a vegetable type of way. But either way, it definitely does not seem like porn helps people get better at focusing, that's for damn sure.
  10. Me too :)
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    I can think straight because im a good thinka yesyesyesyesyesyes

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