Anyone else feel terrible one day and good the next?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by skaterdrew, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. skaterdrew

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    I don't even know if this has anything to do with nofap or pornfree?

    But do you ever feel terrible one day for no reason, feeling terrible psychically and mentally, psychically feeling unwell and your mental health isn't good?

    But then the following day you might feel good mentally and psychically, and not feel unwell at all?

    There just doesn't seem to be any reason why I feel so different day to day. Like one day I could feel terrible and then the next I could feel good. But the strange thing is a lot of the time I am not doing anything different. I am still eating the same diet, exercising the same, getting the same amount of sleep, living the same lifestyle. Yet one day I can feel really terrible mentally and psychically and another day I can feel good mentally and psychically.

    I just don't really understand it. As there must be something going on in my brain and body to cause me to feel so bad one day, and then something different going in my brain and body to make me feel so much better another day.
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  2. Mr. Diesel

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    Absolute same happens to me, I need a therapist
  3. Suki

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    Emotional Highs and Lows leading to mood swings are one of the symptoms of PMO (and some other addictions) withdrawal syndrome. Mindfulness meditation and some breathing excercises could help you.
  4. Mistersofty

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    I ask myself this question all too often. In fact when I’m having a great day, it always dawns on me at some point that it is fleeting and tomorrow will likely be the opposite. I can’t figure it out, but I do know that sleep plays a pretty big role. If you ever figure out the recipe to a guaranteed great day, be sure to let me know.
  5. Mistersofty

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    Now that I’m thinking about this in more depth, I think that in my case, my mind is constantly reminding me that I need to drastically change my life course. It’s not until I do this that I will experience great days on a more consistent basis. Basically my mind wants to be happy by default, but I can’t get out of my own way.
  6. AtomicTango

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    I experience this all the time, and I still am not really all that close to understanding what causes it, all I seem to be able to do is eliminate things I think dont cause it. I used to think it was PMO that caused it, but I'm not so sure, because sometimes I can go on really nasty binges and yet feel more or less fine, then other times I go on lesser binges and feel like you described. Maybe its a withdrawal symptom like others have suggested, but then why do I experience it regardless of whether I PMO or not? I am also diabetic, so it stands to reason that could influence it, but at the same time I dont think so, as my blood sugar control is tight enough that I feel the negative side effects of the disease relatively rarely, way more rarely than these other feelings.

    To sum it up, I have no idea, its really quite baffling.
  7. It's normal life for people who are self aware.
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  8. Timecop

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  9. BlueBallsOG

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    I have the exact same, hit me up when you find out what it is.
  10. Liven

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    Same here, it's been more and more noticable along the way. Some days i feel really good and that i can handle anything, and the other day im very fragile and a low state of mind and a lot of fear of failure.
  11. Little Bo Peep

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    My Journal
    I would caution going that route, as more often than not high and low moods don't usually mean it's a serious mental illness at play.

    Bipolar individuals exhibit extreme behaviours as they get older, and while they usually start out mild, there are some tell tale signs to look for. For instance one minute you're having the time of your life and then suddenly you want to lie in bed, depressed, and not wanting to literally do anything but lie there, sometimes lasting for days or weeks.

    During a manic episode it can affect them in other ways too such as getting irritated, and snapping easily (which is common), being impulsive with buying or important decision making, being full of too much energy, euphoric for no reason, hyperactive, and then lethargic, etc.

    All in all it's not just your mood it affects, and rather energy levels, judgment, memory, concentration, appetite, sleep patterns, sex drive, and self-esteem are all effected. If he really wants to find out he'll have to get tested. I used to think I was bipolar since my moods fluctuate day to day pretty drastically and I get irritable, but no, I have depressive disorder.
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  12. Timecop

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    Thank you for the elaborate answer. I came in this thread to give an insight to the OP, but its mostly because I recognized myself in his problem.
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  13. Tryingto

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    I suspect this is simply the human condition, my friend. Nothing 'wrong' here at all; it's just how it is for our species. And, in my experience, it's a challenging truth for many recovering addicts. I know it is for me. I tend to catastrophize feeling bad, which leads to more acting out in search of relief. So I am almost always working to (1) normalize the ups and downs of my life and (2) find healthy and appropriate coping strategies for those days I'm down in the dumps.

    Here's to doing the next right thing.

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