Anyone else get attractophobia?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by SalCapone, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. SalCapone

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    Okay so it's a term i pretty much just coined then, but it's real for me at least.

    I went 119 days without PMO.
    I relapsed after that - that was about 2.5 months ago. From then until now, the longest i've gone is about 10 days.
    At around 4-5 days into a streak, the female attraction/magnetism begins, always.

    To me, it's addicting. I was bewildered by all the results I got in my first streak as it relates to productivity, energy, confidence and the glowing skin/darker voice, amongst the other benefits. However, I was absolutely in it for the most part, for the crazy female attraction and male respect aspect.

    My issue is that when I relapse and lose the energy and the attraction that comes with it, I get scared to go outside.

    I don't act on it; I do get out, but it's scary for me; probably because i'm 'back to being the guy no one sees.' I'm sure there's something deeper there that I'm not only willing but ready to explore, but it's interesting as to if anyone else experiences this.

    What are your thoughts, fapstronauts?
    Regards, Salcap
  2. Awakened & Aware

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    Used to happen with me. Honestly.. the safe thing to do is ... stop thinking of the female attraction (or even male respect) part. Its dangerous imo to think of it. Can bring desires.. can bring ego as well. Focus just on being better and gaining complete control over yourself. Once that happens, attraction and respect from others would come to you... but you would not be dependent on it. You will find a higher joy and purpose. And, it will be lasting and stable
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    I think this gentlemen is quite right. One must prioritize ones values in life. I think some things, like being brave, having dignity and keeping yourself striving for something noble in life (big words, I know, but you'll find a meaning for them that suits you), should be more important than having girls attracted to you or males accepting your dominance. Those things are a bit too basic for true value, but very natural desires still. They often result from living a dignified, ordered and brave life.
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  4. Hitto

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    This isn’t so much about getting attraction from others or respect it’s all about you healing yourself for the better so you can become the person who you would love try not to seek attraction or respect from others it’s all about giving yourself that love by quitting and finding a higher purpose the longer you stay away the easier I still have the feelings you experience but I always try to refocus on way decided to do it and it was to reconnect with god and find my higher purpose
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