Anyone else have had a W.D. and increased erotic visualization trigerred by garlic consumption?

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    When you have consumed garlic or garlic components during the day before you tend to have increased erotic/sexual dreams and I just remembered that a week ago my 2nd last W.D. was due to garlic that I too consumed that day and at this night I had W.D. because I consumed garlic yesterday.

    Also sleeping on the left side seems to bring you into deeper and very often not always desired waves of sleep and dreams however at the same time if you are on a long streak of Semen Retention you can experience the opposite - spiritual and blissful dreams when sleeping on the left side (I once had a dream that motivated me to become fully celibate since then, it was a dream about childhood at my present age and I could see the lights and colors of summer and I was enjoying the life with a girl without feeling any sexual attraction or attachment to her in that dream) and when I sleep on the right side I maybe feel 70% of fullness that you get in terms of quality of sleep, however if you are already relaxed you can rest as well as you would while sleeping on left side, however sleeping on back does not even put me into sleep as the gravity and I know that it is the perfect way to get a night terror or nightmare so no, therefore I will now sleep only on the right side and see what happens.

    Another thing I found out and know is that there are two types of stimulations that create a W.D. -

    • Mental stimulation - unpure thoughts and subconscious cravings and desire for women in a sexual way.
    • Physical stimulation - Mind-independent accidental rub of genitals in loose underwear or an odd sleeping position, especially during the late stages of night sleep when the morning blood flow to the genitals has happened (therefore keep your genitals between the connection line of your testicles and make sure that they stay there during whole night either by a tightened underwear that leaves only enough space to hold the genital or sleeping in a stable, one-position without underwear or with (the most extreme and efficient solution for physically created arousal)

    What I also noticed this night was the fact that I was not fully in a dream when I felt a kind of sheet rubbing type of fantasy and I had no physical stimulation to my dick, however, I felt it in the between-stage of full dream sleep and semi-awake state of sleep and I had a chance to stop it from playing in my mind like 3 reps of rubbing before hitting Point of no return mentally, however the arousal was too strong and I ejaculated and was immediately awakened by the fact of a wet dream that had taken its place and this happening let me understand that it is somehow physiologically possible for you to orgasm and even feeling stimulation without having your genitals stimulated physically.
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    I eat garlic every day so i doubt it does anything.
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    Garlic increases testosterone, so could be possible.
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  4. Wet dreams are good sign in my opinion. So dont you worry about
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    Onion and garlic are rajasic and tamasic food, they agitate the ojas.

    If you want to abstain from pmo etc its a help to not eat them
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    What a bizarre question. I would say no.
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    Yes, I noticed this many years ago with garlic. Having a lot seemed to trigger wet dreams. It wasn't by chance - I experimented and verified it.
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    Garlic is an important source of Nitric Oxide production so i would say it's quite likely it's connected to WD. So would be beets.
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