Anyone else have slow recovery?

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  1. matt.n18

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    I'm 94 days in and still have withdrawals. Is this normal and is anyone else experiencing this? Flatline is gone but withdrawals still there.
  2. Mattew

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    Yep. I'm 160 days in, and it's still shit...
  3. God damn boys.. this shit's crazy.

    I read an article about CBD oils yesterday. It was said in the article that CBD can help with opiod addictions. I'm wondering if it can alleviate the withdrawal symptoms for porn addiction.
  4. 56 days in and still tough... hardmode
  5. Mattew

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    Actually at day 160 i'm probably at the worst point...
  6. KeepGoingStayStrong!

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  7. Coming up to 13 months and still have withdrawals and flatline, buckle up boys this can take a bit of time.
  8. Mattew

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    13 months is a lot of time in withdrawal.

    I will not last that long in withdrawal and flatline.
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    7 months and 1 day on hardmode. I still have withdrawals. It’s better but sometimes have depression, less motivation and brain fogs, among others. But it is deffinitely different. It’s beautiful when your friends are telling you that you changed and it’s good to see you as you are.
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  10. Over 160 days, and still got withdrawals. You not alone.
  11. Westsidejimmy

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    173 days and Yes still a bit of brain fog and other symptoms. Mine seem to clear in waves. It's like I plateau for weeks and then suddenly things get dramatically better over the course of days.
  12. matt.n18

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    Right now mine feels like i would have spurts of happiness for a few hours and then for like an hour or so i have anxiety and depression. This has been happening for like the past month.
  13. I'd say it's normal.

    I get occasional flashbacks and urges, nothing too severe though. I consider myself quite lucky to have started though. I don't know if there's a specific day count that you suddenly get no withdrawals, depends on the person and what they consider a withdrawal.

    Not quite sure when, or if, withdrawals go away.

    A really hard question, thanks, it got me thinking. Unfortunate that I couldn't answer it completely.
  14. I'm 57 days in today and the last two have been hard in terms of wanting to PMO. I feel like I have been on the cusp most of the day. Hardmode is killing me I thought about fapping before but i'm swimming in dopamine at the moment so it isn't a good idea. Some dsys seem fucking easy like it was never an issue for me and then others like today have been super hard going. I won't give in this time. I want to feel the highs of seeing something through. It comes down to me and my ability to walk away from it.
  15. Bakerz

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    180 DAYS

    My nofap journey is based on Absolutely No PMO, No Fantasizing, No Sex.

    I had continuous Flatline & Withdrawals from Day 14 to present Day (160).

    I never had ED. Was never addicted to porn, rarely watched it like once in 3 weeks or not even. Never smoked or used drugs.

    My problem - I never exercised, ate junk, masturbated once every 3 to 4 days to my imagination with long periods of orgasm (edging) for 16 years. I did this to mentally escape my pathetic life working in a law office, chained to my desk just for that by-weekly paycheque.

    Flatline = No Libido
    WL = Withdrawal Level
    Nocturnal Discharge = Same as wet dream but without any dream. Kill all sexual thoughts during the day and you will get to this level.
    Life Force = Retained semen turns into some energy form that travels up the spine and into the brain. You can feel beads of this energy moving up the spine after sufficient meditation.


    - Killing Fatigue (Hell). In bed or couch 24/7. Can barely move or stand up on my feet. Feel trapped inside my body.
    - 12 hour sleep.
    - + All of WL3 to WL7 symptoms.

    - A bit less intense than WL10.

    - No physical or mental ability to work.
    - Debilitating Fatigue and exhaustion.
    - No motivation.
    - 10 hour sleep.
    - + WL3 to WL5 symptoms.

    - No physical or mental ability to work.
    - Moderate exhaustion and fatigue.
    - Very Low motivation.
    - Palms of my hands feel too hot to rest on my stomach when I go to bed.
    - Difficult to talk, it takes exhaustive effort to generate voice.
    - Eye lids twitch occasionally.
    - Beard hair are stiff and feel like sandpaper.
    - 8 hour sleep.
    - + WL3, WL4 symptoms.

    - Some physical and metal ability to work.
    - Little fatigue.
    - Some motivation.
    - Face looks pale.
    - + WL3 symptoms.

    - No fatigue.
    - Sufficient physical & mental energy to do work with a bit of on and off sluggishness.
    - Motivation.
    - No Libido.
    - Dark circles under eyes.
    - Burning in eyes.
    - Oily skin and hair.
    - OCD.
    - 7 to 8 hour sleep.

    - ...Still waiting to experience.

    Day 14

    Day 31
    First Wet Dream.

    Day 48 - 86 (Hell)
    Horrible withdrawals.
    I have to quit gym. I can barely walk. It won’t be until Day 160 I’m able to join gym again.

    Day 59
    Second Wet Dream.

    Day 88
    Wet Dreams. 2 in a row on consecutive days.

    Day 96
    Surge of energy, lasted 4 days, then back to withdrawals, WL8

    Between day 94 and 115 Libido came back for the first time and lasted couple of days each time. This happened twice. And disappeared again.

    Around day 100 I can feel beads of semen (or Life Force) traveling up my spine just before sleep as I lie in meditation.
    This becomes more frequent as days progress. They stop and disappear somewhere halfway up and later on 2/3 up the spine.

    Day 108
    Wet Dream. 2 in a row on consecutive days.

    Day 119
    Eyes are sunken and every now and then they go out of alignment (one eye would look droopy). This continues till day 150.

    Day 120
    Acute Tinnitus for 1 full day
    Also, things get less shitty from here on. ‘Good’ is still far away.
    You’ll also stop counting days now and go by months as time between each improvement is about a month.

    Day 134
    Life Force reached base of head, just at top of the neck.
    Nocturnal Discharge.
    Mental cognition is better (brain fog is dissipating)

    Day 138
    Vivid dreams (This is a milestone/Indicator for change). Happened just this once and hasn’t repeated again.
    Strong Morning Wood.
    Occasional MW has been happening since day 100 (like once every 10 days).
    Eyes look pale. Lots of red veins have started to appear in my eyes.

    Day 139
    Libido comes back briefly and disappears again. Voluntary erection by using thought is now possible even in absence of libido.
    Color of my nails is fading to lighter pink, and corrugated lines have started to appear along the length of my nails (not a healthy sign).
    Burning in eyes have reduced but hasn’t gone away.

    Day 140
    Nocturnal Discharge, 2 one after the other in the same night

    Day 142
    Sleep suddenly reduced to 6 hours from the usual 12.
    Some new sensation down there. Feels like libido building up.

    Day 143
    Sleep 7 - 8 hours.
    For first time able to get out of bed without struggle.
    (Effects of withdrawal are still present in form of low energy, low motivation, fatigue)

    Day 144
    Sleep back to usual 12 hours. Waking up exhausted. Terrible withdrawals.
    And week long WL7.
    Continuously in bed for 5 days here on.
    Burning in legs when waking up.

    Day 148
    Lots of Dreams. They are not vivid yet, but it’s a good sign (Dopamine receptors are being repaired).

    Day 150
    Came out of WL7 down to WL5.
    Woke up with no body ache or exhaustion (this is rare).
    I meditate into sleep daily - nowadays there’s a continuous link of energy traveling up the spine soon after I get in bed and shut down my mind. It is the retained semen being converted into some energy form that travels into the brain.

    Day 151
    2nd day of struggle free wake up.
    Feeling bit more present. More spacial awareness of my surroundings. Less OCD. Sleep is down to 8 hrs.
    Eyes are less sunken and look more balanced/aligned.
    Dark circles are still there.

    Day 154
    5 days in a row - waking up without body ache and fatigue. Comfortably getting out of bed for the first time, this has never happened before.

    Eye lid twitching has disappeared.
    But finger nails are degrading - flat areas have appeared along some corrugated lines (mentioned on Day 139).
    By now I have lost all my muscle mass and body has become very weak.
    Eyes still have the burning, pale with red veins.
    Finally I have some ability to talk. Up until now I was too exhausted even to generate voice.
    For the first time I’m able to walk comfortably and do some work around the house.

    Day 156
    First day of No fatigue since Day 14. Tiny bit of exhaustion.
    Mental clarity.
    Full ability to do some physical work.
    Nails have gone pale.
    Face and eyes are still pretty fucked up.

    Day 157
    Back to WL4.

    Day 158
    Morning wood is almost non existent or very weak.

    Day 162
    Voice gets deeper.
    Redness in face has started to appear.

    Day 166
    For the first time there’s no fatigue.
    There’s lot of weakness in the body.
    Hair and skin are less oily.
    Morning wood has been occurring for 3 days now but it’s really week.
    Eyes are still a bit out of alignment.

    Day 168
    Nocturnal Discharge

    Day 170
    Some fatigue came back.
    Rested all day. Red veins in eyes increased a bit. Eyes look pale. Finger nails are lifeless pale-white.
    Lower back pain.

    Day 171
    Body ache all over. Burning in legs. Difficult to get out of bed.
    Wet Dream in late morning. Best way to avoid them is to somehow get up early. They mostly happen in the mornings.

    Day 172
    Burning and muscle ache in legs.

    Day 173
    Severe lower back pain.
    Burning and muscle ache in legs.
    Burning in eyes is gone.

    Day 174
    Severe lower back pain.
    Burning and muscle ache in legs.

    Day 175
    Some lower back pain.
    Burning and muscle ache in legs.

    Day 177
    Eyes look better and more aligned.
    Face and skin looked at its best for this day and next day before reverting to its recuperating state.

    Day 178
    For the first time- desire and ability to sing. I couldn’t sing along to music before this day as it felt exhausting.

    Day 179
    Lower back pain. Dry face and lips.
    In yoga it is said sexual energy builds at the base of spine. It is the retention of this energy that’s possibly causing back pain because the body is not use to it.

    Day 180
    Back pain is gone but extremely sleepy. Slept through morning and sleepy during the day. Spent whole day on couch. No energy or motivation.

    Day 181
    Sleepy all day.
    Morning wood is non-existent.


    Heads up - You are going to go through hell, and the only way out is to keep going. You CANNOT make a mistake. You CANNOT relapse. DO NOT Fantasize - it prevents your Brain from healing. You have to be on guard at all times, even when the urge is not there. Frustration is inevitable and will be a trigger. You can avoid frustration by educating yourself on how Brain, Body and Mind works. Unless you live in a war zone Middle East, this is going to be the toughest battle of your life.

    Be mentally prepared - Your life will be on hold for 6 months. After that it starts moving towards normal.

    Is it worth it? Absolutely YES. Is also an understatement. Only by retaining your vital energy you can live your life to your potential. Otherwise you are just another struggling creature on the planet that’s going to die one day never having lived.


    Meditate (focus on your pineal gland, it transmutes sexual energy into brain). Let the mind do it’s activity/thoughts and you observe it at a distance.

    Check out the famous chapter, 11 I think, by Napoleon Hill.

    Stretch your spine/lower back every day.

    Quit your pathetic job. Remain focused. Spend time in nature.

    EXERCISE. Daily.

    Physical abstinence is not enough, you have to mentally (fantasies) kick it out too for your brain to rewire in reasonable time. Here’s the ‘why’ video -

    Read This-

    And Read This-

    Is edging/fantasizing bad?
    Yes, in fact it’s worse. The reason is simple: instead of achieving orgasm and ending it, you train your brain to be bathing in chemicals for hours. It’s the worst thing you can do, bar none. The worst. If you began and realise what you are doing in time, stop or rush to the end. Whatever you do, don’t keep the pace. Most of us weren’t addicted to PMO, but rather to PEO or PFO.
    Any rush of sex/drug related dopamine will slow the recovery, doesn’t matter how it is achieved (because you are reinforcing the same old neural pathways).

    You are suffering from a Neurological problem not a physical ailment (ED too is a neurological issue).

    Dopamine withdrawal symptoms

    About PAWS, VERY Helpful-



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  16. Super post, glad you’re doing OK man. Very true about Job.
  17. I would forget those cause safety reasons brother. You may check my profile for links you may find useful.
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    I've also experienced muscle mass loss, it sucks, don't even have energy to hit the gym
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  19. Younameit

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    I also had this shitty lower back pain, for over a year, thanfully it faded
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  20. Hopeforlife

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    hello Brother ,

    your story gave me a real relief , im on day 160 of nofap , im facing a heavy wothrawals most of the time ,

    anxiety , depression , ocd , night sweat , braing fog , flatline , no libido .... etc ..

    knowing that i used to PMO heavely , 3 time or more per day for 10 years , some days i stop but no more then a week then i get back to PMO .

    i'm experiencing a deep depression when everything looks grey for me

    , will i see light after 180 days ? because i fed up from this withdrawals

    hellp plzz
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