Anyone else have the same problem?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by endofwhatpasss, Jul 24, 2014.

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    I'm very close with my family but I've been an addict for 4 years and no one suspects a thing, and because of have depression since I was 4, I'm become a very good at hiding problems. It pains me because this is a huge turning point in my life and I cant tell a single person in my family. Im proud and scared. Not my brothers, or my parents, any aunts or uncles, and not any friends. If I told any of them, they'd see me as a whole different person. Especially because my dad is extremely against porn and continues to remind us all that he knows people who have lost jobs and dropped out of college because of porn and that it can be addictive. I just have to play it off as if its news to me.

    Is anyone in the same boat? You are proud and scared of this turning point with no one to talk about it with in person? I can't get a therapist because I'm only 19 and on their insurance, so I can't hide it. How do others cope with this?

    Sorry, this is kind of a rant but I'm fighting an urge at the moment and thought writing about my feelings on a couple matters might help.
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    They probably do know, they just aren't confronting you about it. Solve your own problem, and they'll notice that as well. They still won't say anything about it, to avoid embarrassing you, but they'll be proud anyway.
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    If they view you as a different person, isn't that what you want? To be a better person. They may nay see that at first, but they'll get it eventually. And as for your dad, if he is extremely against porn, then he'll be the one to support you the most about kicking it. To tell or not is still your choice, just want to give you something to think about though.

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