Anyone else here play musical instruments?

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  1. Aaayron

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    Haha so I presume that you turn down a lot of people because you're busy with other things in life? Or do you just choose which bands to play with at random or something?
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    Ye I turn them down these days, I'm mainly just for personal enjoyment nowadays. I was in a couple of bands but one in particular was hiding information from me and another member, as the lead member wanted to sing so he brought in me and said the current singer was removed when in reality the current singer was told there were no gigs. It was a mess haha, so I left and told the singer who was being played what was going on. The band eventually broke apart, and I just got on with my life like ya know.
    I might go back into a band but I dunno if I can be bothered with the social side of it again haha
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  3. Aaayron

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    Rest assured that guy was a major dick lol. I honestly would've done the same thing you did man. Good on you :) Are you and the singer still in good terms? Or have you lost contact with all your band friends from back in the day already?

    Sorry for barraging you with so many questions though, you just seem like a really interesting guy haha
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    I quoted you ;D
    I have to disagree, it is indeed not the same as before, but most developers do realise music is very important in a game.
    It's different how it works, but part of the essence is still the same.
    I think a big change is how much is possible now with how the music sounds, having went from 8-bit square, triangle and sawtooth waves to the 16-bit sampling of computer-generated instruments, then midi, and now the possibility of recording a full orchestra with outstanding quality and putting it in the game.
    That does mean composers have to focus more on the performance now, while when 8-bit leads and simple percussion was the only thing available, the focus was always on the melody.
    But there are still many composers now that are able to do both performance and melody well.
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  5. Star Lord

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    Yeah I lost contact with the original singer over time, It's kind of a sad story.
    Maybe she might stumble across this forum for whatever reason and read this. I never told her while I was in contact with her that she was my crush, since the very first day I saw her in school. I don't think she knew, besides she had a bf at the time, unsure now. I don't even know where she is anymore. I can honestly say that nobody compared to her in my eyes, and I look around at girls these days and think "it's just not, there". It's pathetic I know, a grown man still dreaming over yesteryears. But it's always been on my mind, what if I just said those simple words to her, would she reject me or would things be different. But it's the past now
    *start the end credit sad song* haha
    Feels good putting it out, I've held in for so long. Only one close friend has ever known of my feelings for her.
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  6. philstronaut

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    Yo, I'm a bassist and guitarist. Do a little bit of singing too. I'm actually in the process of setting myself up as a guitar and bass teacher, I recently went part time at my job to accommodate it, and I'm hoping to go fully self-employed in the next year.

    I also perform in a wedding/function band, and I write my own songs. It's been a while since I've performed my own stuff though, there's not a big scene for that kind of thing where I live.
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  7. Iacapo

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    I play a "common" piano.:(
    But I am good at it.
    I also play handbells, and I am a bass singer at my church. I also sing in productions put on by the local college(not solo's Choral Union). I have an acoustic guitar, and part of quitting PMO is having energy to learn to play it, the violin, and either the trombone or the trumpet. And my relatives say I have no goals. ;)
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  8. I do play electric guitars in my 9 years of playing music. My first electric guitar a Dean Dave Mustaine ($300 one for beginners like myself) for my 17th birthday as a gift in April 2008 and a Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro ($550 at the time I purchased and it's now my favorite guitar ever) I bought from Guitar Center in January 2015. For Dean guitar, I mostly play hard rock, metal and black/death metal on it. For Epiphone Les Paul, I play anything on it; like alternative rock, hard rock, classic rock and pop.

    Dean Dave Mustaine VMNTX- Metallica, Sepultura and Megadeth were the reason why I always wanted to play the guitar.
    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro- The Pretty Reckless was the reason why I wanted to play something different.
    Now, for a while, Avicii makes me want to buy another Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar for techno/electronic/dubstep and pop music.

    I still need pedals to play different tunes on my guitars, though. Yes, I do play music on my own and I'm enjoying it. ;)

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