Anyone feel nauseous when they drink plain water?

Discussion in 'NoFap Nutrition and Supplements' started by Killbane, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. Killbane

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    For some reason, I feel a bit sick when I drink plain water now. I feel fine and hydrated when I add some cordial, drink light beer, tea, etc. wtfs going on boys
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  2. BravelyKegger

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    i get like that in the morning or after drinking to much.
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  3. actually yeah. it's been a problem trying to get myself to drink more water because its damn gross. i have always been kinda picky with water, but it's getting bad.

    my best guess is either contaminated water or contaminated mouth.

    brush with baking soda. use peroxide with water as a mouthrinse. i have a lot of dental issues that are backing up in waiting because the dental school is only taking half the amount of patients at half the speed they used to and they were closed for a long time. i think cavities and rotting teeth can harbor some pretty nasty microbes that later on down in the gut can create disrupt.

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