Anyone getting headaches?

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  1. I have had really bad headaches today, pulsing pain on the right side of my brain, i read that headaches are a sign of withdraws so i am wondering your guys experiences. I dont know why but i just feel different lately, maybe because i leave for boot camp tomorrow, i just feel like porn no longer has control over me, it feels like i am healed in a way, i just feel alive, i think i am in a flatline right now, some depression and anxiety, but i feel great, if that makes sense.
  2. I've gotten headaches during the first couple weeks of my long streaks.
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  3. How painful were they?, i just got mine earlier today.
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  5. Not really painful just uncomfortable. For me, it was more like a tight band around my head. Depends on the person I guess. Don't worry about the withdrawal symptoms. If you really want to be successful at nofap then you're gonna have to suck it up and take whatever comes your way.
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  6. yah my mom wanted me to take headache medicine but i refused, i accept the pain and my punishment.
  7. I used to have headaches almost every week, then I quit monosodium glutamate from my diet now I almost never get a headache.

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