Anyone has success story overcome PIED?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by dodot007, Dec 11, 2020.

  1. dodot007

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    Im start to think there is no absolute PIED cure, if there any pls hit me up just for motivation.
  2. takingthejourney

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    Yeah NoFap helps but i noticed a lot of times we are hooking up with females we are not attracted with and it def helps when no condom is involved i would also say do kegels
  3. LetsGetStarted

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    The cure is never watch porn again. And rewire to real girls.
    That's it. If you do that you can cure your PIED.
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  4. A.K.95

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    Totally agree with @LetsGetStarted I am living proof of it!!! I came to day 480 and I cured my PIED hardtime. I was having sex with my GF like 3 times a day with a very very hard dick with no problem at all.

    I relapsed a few weeks ago and I am now at day 8. My PIED is back again whick really sucks, but I know that it can be cured.
  5. Dogwood

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    You will find many, many recovery stories on YourBrainOnPorn. Check it out if you need inspiration. All the best.
  6. How to rewire your brain? It is about developing a new consistent habit, often called mindfulness, by learning to live consciously. I have tried and tried giving up PMO which I had since school, and by the time I met my first real GF I was also a heavy drinker. I quit alcohol at 22 and thrity years later I can drink in moderation. But, I had been addicted to porn for over ten years until just recently and only just quit but I stopped worrying about how others saw me and how many setbacks I was having. I journalled a bit too, and after three yesars this has had a major influence on my personal and professional development, like I never look back with regret. I used to think I would have difficulties in bed like you mentioned, above. You want to know how I overcome deepest ineer thoughts and worries on this subject? Let me tell you I did it by studying and by also experimenting with natural light.
    I used to buy a coffee in the winter and look at the sun out of the corner of my eyes for twenty minues a day three times a week at the beginning. I found it healing. Then I got more into PMO and I also burned my eyes and had to wear glasses, but I was also learning something about how sleep helps overcoming the guilty feelings, of lost innocense. I thought I had lost touch with truth and my parents and even imagining the favourite grandfather looking down on me from beyond the grave and 'disinheriting' me from the family line. Kind of. Finally, in Thailand this year, I cracked it. I decided to come back and work as a carer because I was not afraid of a bit of hard work. And then I also stopped turning on lights in the house when it began to get dark. Yep, I imagined a home in 1800's, I became the only actor in this drama. I used a kindle to read books and also as a kind of torch if I had to go to the kitchen , or bathroom, whatever. Once I got into this new job, I refused to do evening or afternoon shifts, because I knew I would not let anything get in the way of switching off the power. So I got a new life habit. And now, if once in a while I do get the anxiety of premature ejaculation, well then I can put it down to my unique PMO worries. I don't care about it though as I would have done a year ago.It is about learning something new, and I do mean new. Most 'cures' are labelled rewiring the brain. But as frapstonauts we have this unusual but 100 % real development option of doing something to reset your internal clocks. I guess if it works for me it will with you. I have also done Buddhist chanting, which helps me succeed with difficulties which arise with past relationships and also work. Sometimes, quite often at the beginning, I did not manage to go through with my plan of turnign off the light. But if it was because of something I had to do for work , say, then I felt empowered to drop the work and go my won way, reclain up to 50% of my life, me time. Self-love but also the beauty of reading opened up to me again despite all my PMO and low self-worth. You will get it back this way. Invest in a kindle , or use a candle, try that and let me know if that works as well. I am looking forward to seeing how you go forward, fellow Frapstronaut. Hail !
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  7. Blaze21

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    I tell you a "cure" can be achieved, it's just your body adapting to a normal stimuli, I had PIED like 3 times in my life and it was horrible that's when I knew I had to change for good. Today I am 36 days into NoFap and it's been better for me and my gf... There were times I was not able to perform for a second time in a row... today I can keep it for as long as I need. All thanks to NoFap and also no P.
  8. josedelamuerte

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    I successfully rebooted a couple of times. Both times PIED was gone around day 60.
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  9. Mo1989

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    Dude may i ask how came you relapsed ? I can't imagine going back to pmo again i can never i am on a journey to find true love affection and intimacy with a real person i have to find her myself ! This pmo and problems related to it are not worth it
  10. Mo1989

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    You wrote so beautiful, kudos to you, you sound like a war stricken soldier on a healing road towards home, a home where mother is waiting to caress the hair with warm hands and kisses on forehead.. keep it up and keep us motivated too ..thanks
  11. LetsGetStarted

    LetsGetStarted Fapstronaut

    Bro relapsing is just right around the corner. I felt exactly the same as you when I was at day 44, I thought that I would never relapse again. The same for day 50, 60, 70 and 80. But at day 84 I lost control. Even though I didnt want it.
    My advice: know what your triggers are and dont let them in. (Like looking at hot insta babes).

    I'm back at day 21. Thinking like you: I will never PMO again. But I know it's closer than I think. You really need to find a loving girl. If I were you I would go for a girl now or in a few weeks. I wish I tried to go for that girl I wanted at day 60, but I thought 60 days wouldn't be enough to cure my PIED, so I tried longer. But the flatline goes away at day 80-90 for me. That's when I started to look for short term pleasure again, in my case looking at hot insta babes... That triggered me.
    60 days could/should be enough to start to rewire.
    So go for it boy!

    Good luck :)
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    Thanks for your reply mate. Sports is helping me getting into a mindset and a new life style. We are much stronger than fake pmo bs. i would suggest everyone to run everyday and build a lifestyle around it. invest time in cooking and eating helathy food, talk to genuine relationships, streching and some creativity fuel for the brain, a hobby to forget the presense of time.
    Keep it up.
    Fck PMO
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  13. Mo1989

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    Hey man, what happened at day 480 if you may let us know ? Thanks
  14. Mo1989

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    There should be ...just bury the bs deep down in your brain all the fake images and fantasies and pmo cycles and the guilt around it. make new incredible memories on top of them and grow up like a soaring tower. One day you would be sitting at the top and won't be thinking of whats buried downstairs :)
    Thanks and Cheers
  15. Gavalar09

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    3 times?

    How long did it take to cure each time?
  16. TantraMan

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    There are many people who have overcome PIED, but if you think that just by abstaining from porn and masturbation you magically would get cured you're wrong, can you explain a little your situation to see what's going on?

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