Anyone here ask out any girls lately?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Ra's Al Ghul, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Lol
    I bet she hates Bolsonaro too. XD
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    I apologize for hijacking part of this thread, but I couldn't help myself after reading this post.

    Ask her again after Christmas then. If she didn't realize it was for a date, then make her realize during the date. When she talks about inviting others along, tell her that you just want it to be you and her.

    You're scared of past failures and inexperience. Well it's only going to become a bigger deal the more you wait. More time to prepare or procrastinate hasn't done you any good. Failures, mistakes, rejection, negative experiences, problems, and just generally not knowing what you're doing are constant experiences throughout life. The only people that doesn't experience those things on a regular basis are people who don't try anything new, take risks, or grow as a person. So you can either start gaining experience and competence now despite not being ready and being afraid or you can continue to complain for the next 10 years.

    What signs do you need to read exactly? If the signs aren't clear enough for you, then you're not making enough bold and clear actions which lead to clear reactions. You're unclear with your words and your actions which led you to unclear signs and you're unclear as to her level of interest in you.

    You're unsure that you're doing the right thing. What you're really concerned with is doing the perfect thing that leads to perfect outcomes (which doesn't exist) so you end up hesitating. You procrastinate because you're waiting for guarantees that doesn't exist. There's no such thing as the perfect thing to say or do. You're overly concerned about doing the right thing. Excessively careful. Fearful of the outcome that you can't control. You're afraid that doing what you naturally want to do will lead to failure / rejection, but that's exactly how you gain experience and get better at anything beyond your comfort zone. The right thing to say is what you want to say. The right thing to do is what you want to do. But it's absolutely no guarantee that it will lead to the outcome that you want. So you don't say or do anything at all out of fear. That's why you haven't dated in 10 years. You play not to lose rather than playing to win. You walk on eggshells. You play it so safe that you never really win, but you also never really lose. When you play to win, sometimes you strike out, and sometimes you hit a home run. The more risks you take, the more you fail, but also the more you succeed. The less risks you take, the less you'll fail, but also the less you'll succeed.

    Flirting. All flirting really is... is showing interest. With your emotions, thoughts, behavior, body language, actions, words, touch, etc. You can't do that because you're afraid to show interest in a bold and clear manner. So you get unclear reactions, you're unclear of their interest level in you, and nothing really happens (you don't really win or lose... you just stay safe and comfortable). You'll never learn to flirt or express yourself honestly in general if you don't take risks. It's something that you practice and have to condition yourself to do until it becomes natural. You won't ever get there if you don't fail, get rejected, and make mistakes on a regular basis.
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    All the best bro
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    Then you gotta find the same type of person who doesn't care about morality or family values. Good luck
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    I don't care for patronizing people of any political stripe. I'll make up my own mind about the subject of morality. Neither do I need your luck.
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    I feel you man. The brainwashing is so real in this society. I have to be in the closet about a lot of my views bc these people these days groupthink to the fullest. Meanwhile I'm looking for them stand outs lol.
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    Nope. You can't ask out anyone when there's no one to ask out. Remember the whole "there are no single women" thread I created and got bashed for? Yep.
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    That was mic drop worthy
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    Thanks I really needed this. Time to take risks and be myself :)!
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    Look at what they stand for. You want a weak military? You want a bad economy? You want a billion of the sjw's useless and constraining morals? You want that stuff? wake up
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    I brought that up, she doesn't know herself how she feels. Like with Trump, it sounds like she marches to whatever the media or popular opinion is. Like I said, her non-individualist thinking is not good.
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    Met this girl at a meditation course. We walked for some time after, because we both where going in the same direction. I asked if I could have her number and maybe we could meet up. I saw she was kind of surprised when I asked her, but she gave me her facebook account. She is almost never online so it took days before she answered. She is like 10 years younger than me, I think they may be having grown tired with face. Anyway we agreed to met up, but off course I had forgotten a job-obligation so I had to cancel. Because I am not used to people taking days to answer a message I feel like the spark has gone. W agreed setting a new date, but now she was unsure of when this could be because of exams. She would let me know if there would be a opportunity. Honestly it feels like the whole thing has faded, but I think it was kinda cool meeting a girl at a meditation camp, so a part of me wants to text her. Another parts is telling med; "move on bro..."
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    Team Trump all day but I wish we could have different political opinions and still be friendly with others.
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    Good luck to everyone here on asking others out. If they say no, then at least you tried. If they say yes, then congrats! That initial asking is always hard but its worth it!
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    Ive wasted enough of my time on women so you know what.. Screw them. I realize now that i must survive this Journey that is life on my own. If I find the one then thats great but IF I dont i always have myself..
  16. Wow now that's some dedication right there !

    As for me ,personally ,I dont care about any relationships atm . Still got stuff to sort out for my own self.
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