Anyone interested in personality types?

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  1. Funny thing about these tests is that pretty much everybody who takes them reports the rarest types. I'd estimate that a majority gets 'INTJ' and 'INFJ' which are supposed to be the two most uncommon types. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that they are described as mystical and enigmatic which appeals to people who are narcissistic enough to take personality tests. Nearly nobody gets an 'S' despite the fact that supposedly most of the population should belong in the 'S' types. Maybe it has to do with the fact that 'S' is depicted as a boring and an unimaginative trait.

    One problem with the test is that it relies on self-awareness and honesty. I think most people don't possess either.

    Another problem is that the underlying theory of personality was never scientifically proven to describe reality in any way. It's a pure hypothesis that Carl Jung pulled out of his buttocks so you might as well turn to astrology or a 'Which F.R.I.E.N.D. are you?' test and get an equally reliable account of your character.

    If you'd like a test that is at least vaguely based on actual research, try this:
  2. I never took a test to tell me which type I was. I read through all the types and chose the one I identified with the most, which I think is a better way to do it. Whenever I take tests like that, I almost always feel like the response is not accurate at all.
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  3. That's probably a better way to type yourself but the question remains whether any of these types actually exist.
  4. Well, like I said originally, I think it's silly to put too much stock into them. I don't identify with every single part of being an INFJ, and I also identify with certain parts of other types as well.

    I honestly mostly use that kind of test for helping me write characters. I don't really use it for my own self identity.
  5. That's a clever idea.
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    I actually did the Myers Briggs 3 times, each around 6 months apart, I always ended up with exactly the same result, intj. I also tried using different sites to see if that made any difference to the outcome. Same each time, INTJ.
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    I identify with being myself. Idk about putting myself into a label or category because my mind is so vast that it can't be put into four letters
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  8. I don't need a specialist for schizoid, I'm sure I scored 100%, the site is credible and I checked Wikipedia for the symtoms I have them all without a doubt

    I don't have all the symtoms of avoident but I do have enough to know I definitely have this also
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    I'm also INTJ, I woulder if you have this personality disorder also link is there if you wanna check it out only takes 2mins
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  10. Why are you so jealous xD

    I think its much more likely the our personalitys has brought us to nofap together
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  11. Yeah, it's super helpful! I made a video about it on YouTube.
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  12. Lots of valid points here :) Its not like INFJs and INTJs are some sort of special snowflakes. I am not sure about the exact percentage but combined I am sure we are in the millions.

    Also maybe INFJs and INTJs are more likely to take an online test than an extrovert.

    We are always looking for more knowledge.

    And if someone tells me that I am not an INFJ, I wont protest. Because how can I really be sure?

    I am sure that any personality type as a group has more differences than similarities within the group. None of us are exactly the same. We have certain default settings so to speak. We interact with the world in certain ways. That's all it is to it really. Its not like we have to. We can choose to act differently.
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    Im INFP :)
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  14. I prefer the big 5 personality model, because it's has higher scientific legitimacy. I score (
    Openness 25%
    Conscientiousness 50%
    Extroversion 0%
    Agreeableness: 96%
    Neuroticism 83%

    Low extroversion and high neuroticism is an awful, awful combo. :( The others are okay. I want higher conscientiousness.
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  15. To be honest, it is really hard to know for sure. I think I am going to stop speculating if I am this or that. I am actually pretty clueless. In order to be really sure I think you need a perspective from the outside as well. It may be things that are hard to see from our own point of view that we are missing.
  16. I looked into ISFJ today. That too is pretty accurate but not 100%. I score as a cognitive INFJ but in daily life I can be both a functional INFP and an ISFJ. I have many sub personalities, situational personalities, mood based personalities. I am always adapting to new situations, and im often outside of these boxes. Seems like I am jumping around between the 3 of them actually.

    One thing I noticed about the ISFJ is that they often do nice stuff to others without expecting anything in return. That sounds like me. I actually hate when people catch me in doing something nice. I try to do it so that they can appreciate my work on a subconscious level. Just so that they can feel a little better about their day without them knowing it was me fixing that seemingly insignificant thing for them.

    I dont think INFJs do these kind of things but I also have all the traits of a typical INFJ.
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  17. oh God, the enneagram thing was way overkill. My brain melted.
  18. The enneagram is not scientific at all. It was created by someone channeling a demon, not by anything scientific or psychology. I would not advise using it.
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  19. I get what you mean, but there is a very far cry from psychology and some dude making up the entire system by automatic writing, which is the process of channeling a spirit to write through you while you turn your brain off and just let your hand write whatever the spirit says. Which is how the enneagram was created. The guy who created it admits this himself, and admits he didn't do any kind of research or anything scientific or psychological at all.

    Not trying to force anyone to do anything, but I just think it's important to know. I personally am not comfortable having anything to do with that, so I was glad someone told me that was how it originated. I'll stick to the other personality tests that weren't written by demons.
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  20. I gradually lost my interest about this during the last few days. I think it is interesting but there is only so much you can learn about it really. A personality test wont suddenly explain everything. And it is not static. Your personality will grow (hopefully) trough out your entire life. I think the typology may change. It have given me a couple insights into what I want to improve about myself and how.

    The INFJ got a couple flaws that I want to work on. Maybe im not an INFJ anymore when im done :p
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