Anyone own a Nintendo Switch here?

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  1. If so, what games do you guys play?

    I personally love playing Super Smash Bros!
  2. Ive watched my son play Breath of the Wild and its pretty awesome.
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  3. Have you not considered trying? I think there are so many series with stories so amazing it's hard not to want to play them all!
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  4. I love and appreciate video games. I watch twitch occasionally. My skills at playing games ends at side scrollers on Sega Genesis. I have much more fun observing masters at work.
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  5. Haha this is so wholesome. I can see why you sit on the sidelines and watch your son. It's a very dad thing to do. I love this :) Thank you!

    I love doing both. I love playing and doing challenges but I also love watching my friends play and see how they do it differently. Games are amazing for sure!
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  6. My son has one. I only played Zelda on it though. I wish they would make another punch out game for it. Other than that I mostly play ps4 and retro games. I’m a huge retro game collector.
  7. Maan, Tyson was BRUTAL in Punch out. Couldn't beat him for the life of me.

    Can you list some names for me? We may play the same game x)
  8. Yes. I have Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and Octopath Traveler.
  9. Oh my god I'm in love with Ocopath. Mario Odyssey is also such an amazing beautiful experience of a game! BoTW is also just straight up amazing!

    Have you tried Dragon Quest builders? It's really good too!
  10. Octopath is pretty fun. It has the feel of the good old classic Square Enix RPGs from back in the day. Exploring everyone's different story lines is fun, I'm not sure why everyone is complaining about there being no overall plot.

    Mario Odyssey reminds me a lot of Mario 64, except easier. Same premise; exploration and gathering stars/ half moons. Beat it fairly quickly, then I dropped it. For some reason I haven't been too interested in finding the rest of the moons.

    I dunno if Breath of the Wild is a good fit for me as a casual gamer. The difficulty level is high and it's becoming stressful. I could probably get good at it if I wanted to invest a lot of time in it, but I don't. So dunno, I've kind of soured on the game.
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  11. Yup I agree with BotW some parts are really challenging!

    Also I'm on Fire Emblem now, it's really dope. Thinking of buying the game called "ARMS". Looks super fun!
  12. I don't have the Nintendo Switch, but I still have the Super Nintendo. I love playing Super Mario World, Donkey Kong and Super Mario kart :)
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  13. You don't intend on getting a switch? You'd love it!
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  14. Fire Emblem is one of the games I'm interested in. Played it on the GBA and enjoyed it. Haven't revisited the series since.

    Also plan on getting Link's Awakening. Played the original game on the old grey Game Boys so it's a must for me.

    Also looking forward to Luigi's Mansion 3. Haven't played the first two, but I wanted to, just never had the right console.
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  15. Oh man which Fire Emblem games did you play? I've played them all! Three houses is amazing!

    Also yes I'm also looking to get Link's awakening. Art style is way too cute! And I haven't played any of the LM games but I've seen gameplay videos and it looks amazing!
  16. I would like it... but right now I don't have enough money to buy it, so :(
    Maybe next year :p
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  17. Fightyourlowerself

    Fightyourlowerself Fapstronaut

    I feel sorry for the kids who never had a Nintendo 64 :(
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