Anyone take Zinc Supplements?

Discussion in 'Nutrition and Supplements' started by Physicist, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Physicist

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    As the title says.

    I take 50mg of Zinc regularly because of skin benefits and so forth, but I realise that the days I don't take it, I rarely have many urges. And the days I take it, I get very aroused and many thoughts.

    I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience?
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  2. TheMeInMe

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    I believe zinc is linked to your sperm/semen, as every time you ejaculate; you ejaculate 1mg of zinc which is quiet a bit. So increase in zinc will of course get you more aroused as your body is more prepared for ejaculating.
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  3. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    YES! I have been taking 50 mg of zinc gluconate every day for a few weeks now and I noticed my urges were more powerful. I definitely think zinc affects libido. Today I cut the pill in half so I'm only getting 25 mg and today noticed my libido is still up there.
  4. NoneForMeThanks

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    zinc is involved in the creation of androgens ( male hormones). I have a zinc deficiency, and definitely notice the increase in libido with supplementation.
  5. Runtilmylegsdropoff

    Runtilmylegsdropoff Fapstronaut

    This is my first time supplementing with Zinc and I never imagined it would have this affect. I reduced the dosage in half by cutting the pill in half so I'll wait and see if that makes a difference in lessening my urges.
  6. Pleb

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    What brand of zinc supplement were you taking?
  7. Rob_B_

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    Any chance it could be just a coincidence masquerading as a causal chain? I'm certainly no expert, but somehow my gut tells me something like that would play out over a longer time frame than mere hours (which is how I interpret your "days I take it" reference). Also, there are probably many other factors involved, so it might be difficult to isolate just a particular nutrient out of the equation.

    But what I do know is that zinc has a role in synaptic plasticity, so as we're all trying to rewire our brains (for the lack of a better expression) maybe a bit of extra zinc isn't such a bad idea. As to whether you want to help rewire your brain if it comes at the cost of uncontrollable urges, that's another matter! :)

    As for me, I'm actually going to give this a try and see how it goes. I've only stopped PM, not O, and seeing as I'm currently going through a flatline phase, maybe zinc is what I need to kick-start things again. Will report back...
  8. Akt1

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    Ive taken optizinc which has given morning Wood and some interesting Dreams.
  9. Ongoingsupport

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    Try divided doses throughout the day rather than once a day. Also check your multi to make sure you are not doubling up, it's a trace mineral.
  10. CTRL + DEL

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    Bio student to the rescueeeeee! ;)
    Zinc is used by the leydig cells of the testicles to supplement spermatogenesis and specifically spermiation.
    (In english- Zinc boosts testosterone as @NoneForMeThanks correctly mentioned)
    Zinc is also used to fabricate neuronal endings to supplement synaptic regeneration as well.
    (In english- Zinc boosts your brain power, specifically memory and creativity- these manifest as wet dreams)
    A piece of advice for everyone on this thread- take Zinc every other day unless u want some real nasty urges. On the other hand, daily intake of zinc will undoubtedly shorten your recovery time, since sperimation is accelerated and hence the entire concept of "semen retention" is boosted.
    If you do intend to take zinc everyday, follow these rules to the T:
    * cold showers. EVERYday. Twice for best results
    * 20 mins exercise. Mild or extreme. Whatever suits you. Just sweat
    * meditation. 10 mins will do fine
    All 3 of those kill urges, as you all mist likely already know. But don't overlook them if you put Zinc in your nofap regimen!
    That said- good luck gentlemen!
    :D You can do it!
  11. Akt1

    Akt1 Fapstronaut


    Thanks mate! appreciated. Its pretty remarkable if a mineral can boost testosterone...
    Zinc is also an aromatase inhibitor, blocking estrogen.
    Do you know which zinc is best to take?

    One should NOT take too much. It can result in anemia and copper deficiency etc. Im staying at about 20mg a day.

  12. CTRL + DEL

    CTRL + DEL Fapstronaut

    You usually get zinc in tablets in the combined form as Zinc Sulphate. The compounds don't really matter, since they practically disassociate completely in your alimentary canal. As a matter of fact, the companies add suitable overages of the compounds to negect any losses owing to disassociaton, excretion and so on, so don't worry.
    You can get the normal amount of Zinc in your daily diet, regardless of whether you're a carnivore (raaaar) or vegan, provided you eat at least a few fruits a week. I would recommend giving up zinc altogether actually.
    Believe me when i tell you that your body can adapt marvellously to any situations like this. Think about it. You spend years fapping off and all it takes is 3 months or so to almost reverse the addiction. That's a LOT of work. And efficient work at that.
    If you still wanna take Zn, go with it, but just know that it really isn't necessary. Homeostasis is the dominant law of nature, both on the micro and macroscopic levels. All zinc does it catalyse that. Now although that does sound like a blessing, you'll run into a wall at this rate, mainly because after a while, Zn will tend to affect other organs too, regardless of the quantity you take it in. This rule applies to any medicine, hormone, supplement, or chemical in biology, and is the main reason why lifestyle diseases occur.
    So after all that, here's what i say:
    If you wanna keep the Zn up on a long term, take one pill a week. The composition does not matter. Really. It's a micronutrient; you don't worry about that shit :D
    If you wanna go short term, take three or four pills a week for one month. Then stop for two weeks and resume another month's cycle. Stop whenever you like; even between a cycle if you want. Doesn't matter.
    Hope this helped. Tell me what you think!
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  13. Akt1

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    Thanks mate, sounds wise.
    Will keep in mind.
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  14. PrinceWarrior7

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    Thanks for giving useful info.
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  15. Zinc

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    Of course I take Zinc supplements, been doing it since age of 14.
  16. outwithold

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    I found rather than taking a bumper dose of zinc in one sitting if I got my rda of zinc spread across the day from good natural sources I didn't find any big fluctuation in urges etc.. I was more healthily balanced and still retained the great benefits of zinc.
  17. PMO addict

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    Good thread. I just got a zinc supplement. It has 50mg or 333%. Why do they put such a high percentage? I will probably cut it in half or a quarter.
  18. jorg78

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    It maybe says 50 mg but it's not 50 mg. How much it really it is depends on what form of zinc it is.
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  19. PMO addict

    PMO addict Fapstronaut

    thats weird. But it says 333%. Well anyway I cut it in half starting yesterday.
  20. MarinoBigFan1984

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