Anyone taking CBD oil during nofap?

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  1. Spartan1998

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    I‘m tempting to buy some CBD oil because I feel stressed since I‘ve started nofap. I‘ve read that CBD could help you to relax and you don‘t get addicted from it..
    Anyone taking CBD oil does it help? And if so in what dosage you take it?
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  2. Philippian4:13

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    Hi Spartan,

    I was just discussing this yesterday with my brother, who is also a former PMO addict. I've taken CBD oil twice a day for about a year - first thing in the morning and right before sleep at night. I use a tincture in a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC. 7 drops in the morning, 7 drops before bed.

    Quick note - I am a long-time anxiety sufferer that has always dealt with chronic stress. This has manifested itself in social anxiety, OCD, and insomnia.

    Here are the pros and cons of CBD:

    1. Massively decreased anxiety
    2. Overall sense of well-being
    3. Increased ability to concentrate on tasks without getting distracted
    4. Body relaxation - no desire to fidget etc...
    5. Better quality sleep
    6. Less soreness from workouts
    7. Kills depression

    1. Expensive
    2. Taste like sh**
    3. THC in CBD oil may mess with you depending on your tolerance
    4. THC in CBD oil may result in PMO urges being more difficult to resist

    Methods of Taking CBD oil (Ranked from my experience)
    1. Tincture - lasts all day, great absorption
    2. Vaping - works well, but lasts for a couple of hours only
    3. Gummies/edibles - very expensive, and usually contains large amounts of THC

    If you do choose to use CBD oil, make sure you are buying a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. My brother was just commenting how CBD tinctures can send your urges through the roof, and we both agreed that it was the THC overstimulating the dopamine receptors, that causes the issue. Long story short, CBD is a wonderful product that can really help you battle stress. Just want you to know that there are also a number of drawbacks before you make your decision. Let me know if you have any questions!
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  3. Spartan1998

    Spartan1998 Fapstronaut

    Wow thanks a lot for your reply very informative!
    Can you maybe tell me what percentage of CBD oil you have taken? Was it 6% or 12% or maybe more? Because 14 drops are very different in each percentage of concentration of CBD.
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  4. Philippian4:13

    Philippian4:13 Fapstronaut

    Yeah definitely! I take a tincture that is a 20:1 ratio, meaning that it is 95% CBD, 5% THC. I've tried several different tinctures over time, but the brand that works best for me and is the cheapest is called Green Revolution. The product is called "Relief." They make both a daytime and nighttime version.

    Just be careful that if don't smoke regularly, you might get slightly high the first couple of times you use it. CBD also takes a while to take enter the bloodstream, so don't expect an immediate effect. You will start to feel the full benefit within a few days of using it, once the CBD is sustaining a certain level in the body.

    Other than that, it is a fantastic product that calms the nerves and will make NoFap flatlines / anxiety way more manageable. Would love to hear more from you about your experience trying CBD on NoFap, if you decide to try it. If it works for you as well as it does for me then we might be onto something!
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    I like reading this forum after I smoke marijuana. My friends are not amateurs of marijuana, so almost every time, I smoke it alone. My only friend, whom I used to smoke with now, has his own business and does not have free time to relax. It will sound like a joke, but his business is about selling cannabis, so I am buying the stuff from him most of all. Smoking alone is not so attractive, so I do something to entertain myself. It is interesting to understand how will feel different activities but after smoking cannabis.
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