Anyone tried using binaural beats?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Jungler, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Jungler

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    Always wondered if it has truley worked for anyone. I'm quite the skeptical guy.. but I guess some beats might work if you commit to listen for 4-6 months on a daily basis.
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    I heard some bad things about "binaural beats" & I even researched on it to see if these things were to be true and what I found made sense, so I wouldn't do it if I were you but instead research all about it first, if you are going to start using them . I just stick with my mindfulness meditation or sometimes guided meditations .
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    I recently went on the Gateway Voyages course at the Monroe Institute which I think invented binaural beats. It was brilliant. I'm a student at the moment and each assignment I do normally takes me about three weeks and is a real struggle. But listening to the hemisync 'concentration' track, I bashed the last assignment out in four days, stress free and got the highest mark so far for all my assignments.
    The guy who ran the course made it clear that binaural beats are useful but not necessary, and you can accomplish everything without them, but they can help with meditation etc.
    But, there is a lot of shit binaural beats out there that don't do anything. You need to use reliable versions, like hemisync. That's my understanding.
  4. Protagonist

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    They are shit. I started listening to em while studying but they are worthless.
    They caused headaches.
    I prefer silence, rather than binaural beats.
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  5. I'd tried binaural beats for about 4 years trying to get an effect. I first found out about it in 2012 through YouTube.
    In my 4 years it has never worked for me(I think).
    In college, I tried doing it with in a group setting at college where we blasted it through amplifier speakers.
    The guys who were doing it with me had just heard about it but they said they felt an experience. I was 2 years into it then and I didn't feel anything.
    I've been a kind of guy that try's to hold on and control my outcomes as much as possible. I can't let myself go. Maybe that's why? The others were more open to it. It does vary from person to person based on your mindset.
    Another thing is, don't expect YouTube ones to be effective. The reason being YouTube downsamples the audio bitrate. If you can find a really good quality audio from a legit source then try it.

    While these are experiences from my sober self, I have had better luck while I was induced (Weed, LSD...). And no, I'm not endorsing drug use, I'm just stating my experience.

    If you are trying it out, stick to a particular creator. Each one has a different style for subconscious triggering for their tracklist and the more frequently you listen to it, the higher chances are of seeing an effect.
  6. BruceD

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    I have tried them and they are pretty cool but not my preference. Like most of the replies above, I prefer silent meditation. However, I have began researching self hypnosis and visualization. I will probably do a post on these later.
  7. vulture175

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    I've tried several of them. I think they're just like music, some i like, some i don't. Also some i like to listen at night, but still them i don't like to listen in the afternoon. So just treat them as music, not magical pill.
  8. Jungler

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    Hmm.. sorry for brining this up again. I do sense an odd feeling when using them. I do believe they work indirectly but I have come across one that feels like it is working in a way.
    I've researched for male enhancement and found some positive feed back in the YT comments, many claiming small noticeable gains. I've used it already 3 times for 4 days. And witnessed myself the 'tingling' feeling below the belt followed by a chubby as many have stated.

    I'm concerned if it's likely to get in the way of my reboot.
  9. BruceD

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    I listen to them every once in a while. I actually prefer silent meditation with some affirmations or self hypnosis I have written for myself. Much more specific but it's all good stuff I believe.
  10. I use binaural beats quite often, but it depends on what you want to use them for. I use them for meditation and for encouraging out of body experiences. Be careful with what you listen to before or during sleep. There is a lot of negative vibed binaural beat tracks out there, sometimes intentional or unintentional. They can take you to some dark places in your mind and elsewhere if you don't have much awareness, however the negative lower vibed ones I find can be more effective sometimes.
  11. Hiro 304

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    So much negative response about binaural beats that I wasn't aware of. That's interesting, mainly because I pretty much use it whenever I need to complete a assignment (which is frequent). In my opinion, however, they certainly help me. Some are great to block exterior noise and help me concentrate, keeping me awake as well.
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  13. immortal5

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    Tried using them for astral projection, never worked or even helped, had better luck without them. haven't tried it for anything else though so can't really say if they work or not
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