Anyone tried Wim Hof Method

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  1. Has anyone tried Wim Hof breathing? I'd be interested to hear the long term effects that you might have found beneficial or any other experiences. I am trying it now so far without any signficant benefit. Cheers all
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  2. Google it my friend or search on Youtube
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    I will have to try this technique out. I am watching a video about it on youtube at the moment.
  4. Heard of it, he's the ice man yeah? Can someone post some basic instructions? I only know box breathing. 4 in, 4 hold, 4 out, 4 hold on the end. I haven't really done it, I'll try it for 5 minutes and see if its a good relaxation technique.
  5. I have done the breathing exercises of the WHM from the link below plus cold showers for the last week and am a convert! Mood,energy, focus - all improved. You need to make sure you are hypo-oxygenised properly - I initially got a weird taste in my mouth (body becoming more alkaline) and also light-headed. I do it lying down with headphones:

    • Conclusion: One of my most productive weeks in a long time. Mood and energy were up. Hard to say how much is due to being on week 6 of nofap (longest streak ever) but I noticed an immediate impact form WHM (the euphoria etc). The euphoria has faded but I still get a nice body buzz from it. I need to
    One week journal:
    • Day 1 - I was angry after a football game (we lost) and also had had body aches and was depressed. Wim Hof breathing and a cold shower relieved those feelings.The Wim Hof breathing was amazing, I ended up getting a warm tingling feeling and euphoric feelings at the crescendo. I was laughing and smiling, utterly happy. Went out that night and stayed up to 6am to watch a UFC fight - I was the only guy who didn't fall asleep at sometime (normally I fade).
    • Day 2 - only got 5 hours sleep and had a mild hangover. Did a session of WHM and the hangover lessened. I was able to work on an important project for a few hours - normally I'm dead with a hangover. I entered a 'flow state' and the work was easy. Then I randomly felt euphoric again later listening to a song, it was quite amazing - just total bliss, happiness, ecstasy. Astounding this happened twice in two days.
    • Later - listened once more in bed and cried tears of joy. Felt so lucky to be alive and to have had that experience. I’m sure it’s not the song per se, but a combo of (i) nofap/ dopamine recovery; (ii) Wim Hof method (most likely). I’m excited to see what the next few days hold and if it stays. The feeling was addictive.
    • Day 3 - Did Wim Hof this morning and had a great body buzz after. I had some euphoria this morning listening to the same song on the drive to work. Also had it at work listening to another song. I am conscious that this euphoria may be temporary or fade away.
    • Overall a busy day but I covered tasks very well and was not under pressure. Note: I am a chronic procrastinator. My focus and concentration was through the roof, almost hyper-focused (like from modaafinil) but I only had a few coffees.

    • Day 4 - had a bad sleep and WHM did not overcome this. Did Wim Hof in the AM (good body buzz) and at my desk in the afternoon (cleared a headache and felt good for a while) but didn't save the day. Cold showers are something I've tried for a while. I thought with WHM you don't feel the cold but that's not what happens. You still feel cold but after a few seconds it feels nice. This week I've been laughing under the cold water. Crazy
    • Day 5 - Another bad sleep but after waking at 8 I did Wim Hof and yoga first thing and had a good day – mood and focus/ energy have both been good. Have not wasted much time or fantasised etc. Was also chatty which I normally am not.
    • Day 6 - Wim Hof this morning gave a great buzz. I wanted to sit in the after-glow but had to work. He advises meditating immediately after the breathing. But also the doing the cold shower after the breathing - I'm not sure of the chronology.
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  6. This guy is coming out to my home town on a world tour. Thinking of going to be honest
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    apparently connected to tibetan tummo
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    I did it somehow not regularly for the last year, now I'm committing to do a monthly challenge. It really helped me dealing with my athsma, pain in general and the severe stage fright I had, that I'm overcoming. Hope to see if the benefits + routine will help me in my journey here.
    Yes and alsto to other yogi techniques of holotropic breathing. Also some native american stuff if I remember correctly. Wim studied a lot of eastern philosophy in his early life and took what seemd funcional to build a good method to acheive the results he aimed for
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    I use it in combination with swimming in cold water. The cold water being good for waking up the immune system and testosterone. As well as giving you an amazing and alert feeling.
    I do this every 2 weeks, and I'm going to be doing it until the lake is completely frozen and I just can't anymore.
    It's funny, everyone around me is getting colds/sickness, snotty noses etc, even guys that I know that take good care of themselves (but don't do this), and all I've had was a little bit of a sore throat for about 1 day a couple weeks ago :D
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  10. I have been doing WHM breathing in the evenings. I can'tget enough of it. At first I found it a bit forced and hard work but now I experience euphoria and peace participating in it.

    Get amongst it guys and girls
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