Anyone used "Block Site" extension for Google Chrome?

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    Let me preface this by saying, I've been on this site for 2 years. Never in those 2 years have I used a porn blocker or filter on my computer. My reason being that I should be able to quit this without an "aid" and that in life, there will always be addictions that you have to control on your own. Plus, in life it is so easy for me not to eat dessert, cut out sugars, don't drink soda, don't drink alcohol if I simply tell myself I won't do it. So I've always turned down ideas to do a porn blocker. But after realizing I need more help, I decided to finally give in and try a new strategy. I'm really proud of myself for getting to this point. The only times I use porn and chatrooms/cyber sex is on my own personal laptop and the main browser I use is Google Chrome.

    So I found an extension of Google Chrome called "Block Site". So no it won't work on other browsers. But the only other browser I have on my computer is Internet Explorer and I never use it. True, it is tucked away in my computer to where I can access it if I truly wanted to but I've never had any visible desktop icons for Internet Explorer. So we'll see how this goes....I know that I could easily just uninstall the Block Site extension with ease or go to Internet Explorer when I want to relapse but I figure I'm making a big step at least trying something and we'll test this out first. I know a lot of you probably use better blockers but I really didn't want to have to download software because I was afraid it might be a little more complicated and not as discreet if someone uses my laptop.

    Block Site is pretty cool in that it already has a toggle for "block adult websites" so I don't have to manually add in websites for it to block. The only one I added for it to block is my website for chatrooms. Another cool thing is that you can also set it to work inside "incognito mode". Because when I pull up P and chatrooms, I never do it in regular mode. I only do it incognito mode. Another cool thing is that when you go to the blocked site, it will come up with a motivational quote and also say, "oops you are supposed to be going here because it's on your blocked site list". I like that but at the same time, I didn't want someone else that got on my computer to go to a bad website and see more of a reason that I'm blocking a site on purpose. So instead, I chose to "redirect" all the bad websites to google. So the moment you type in the bad website, it just goes to google. So although now I don't get the motivational quote anymore, it looks more "discreet". The only other problem with just using this Chrome blocker instead of an all browsers type of blocker is that you can see the "Block Site" icon on Google Chrome in the toolbar. But what I did is right clicked it and said "Hide in Chrome Menu". So now it's not in the toolbar but instead you have to click the 3 straight dots in the top right of Chrome to pull up a side menu and there you see the icon in the Chrome Menu. Unfortunately you can't also remove it from the Chrome Menu so anyone can see this on my laptop and pull up what websites I'm blocking and wonder why I'm doing it but they would have to look a little bit and I don't have anyone really use my computer.

    But again, I'm proud of myself for finally deciding to try this idea out. If this Chrome only blocker doesn't work, I can move on to another idea but this is a great first step for me. Anyone else tried this extension out and had success? Likes, dislikes? Or any tips/secrets about this extension that I don't know about in the settings?
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    I'm going to try it. thanks. Slipped this week twice but no follow thru if you get my point!! I used k9 and it worked ok for me but I'm not real computer savvy. I may have to keep my labtop at home and private. I never looked at porn on other computers , but I let an office assistant have access to lots of my networks. She is a huge help professionally but I have to rethink all that.
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    My reply after seeing only one reply and possibly going down to the bottom of the topic list forever:


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