Anyone who gave up procrastinating

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Avenger 2.0, May 17, 2020.

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    Hey guys! Hope u're doing fine. I am currently on day 62 and the problem I've been facing is PROCRASTINATION. I struggled for 7 months before I finally reached this feat, but during this time, I've been consuming a lot of self improvement content. And I've learnt a lot. But what happens is I rather than working is busy in consuming self improvement content. And it really sucks at the end of the day. I can't get my mind back to work and I'm busy with my BS thoughts, and I waste a lot of time. I can't even focus for 5 minutes! I've always been an A grader and I want to keep it up. But I can't focus on studying.
    Please guys help me out. And please give me some good advice.
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    i always make a to do list of things i like to get done. Keep it on you to always check what u can focus on even for a few minutes. Turn of social media alerts off of your phone or computer. Use the alarm function if you want to chill for a bit so you dont waste hours instead of minutes. Take it day by day if you are working on a big project. Think baby steps. Also search ted talk on procrastination. It helped me out.
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    Increments. Start with five minutes of work. Then again a 5 minute session and again. Progressively keep increasing work time and soon you'll be working like you should, maybe even better.

    Going to work is the easy part, going again and again is the hard part.
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    You don't just decide to stop procrastinating. You need to understand the mechanism behind your procrastination. This will take some self reflection, you probably procrastinate for a different reason to me, so I cannot reccomend a specific way to not procrastinate. In saying that, I would reccomend meditation.
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