Anyone who lost their virginity in their 30s: how did you do it?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by himmelstoss, Nov 3, 2015.

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    I "lost" my virginity (I don't think men have virginity, that's dumb, virginity has to do with paternity of children, historically) at 21 in a quite quick and matter of fact got it out of the way sort of way. I didn't feel any different after I did it as before, except I wanted to fuck more. If you talk to enough women and go out enough you're liable to trip into some pussy eventually. You're making it a bigger thing than it is. Or maybe not, I'm not inside your head, anyway. Go listen to the Beige Phillip Podcast on itunes, get all your tips on game. Lay five bricks a day, talk to five women a day, eventually you'll have a solid foundation for talking to chicks.

    AND YES, testosterone starts dropping off at 30-35, but you know, we got testosterone replacement therapy now so who gives a shit about that.
  2. My God there is so much doom and gloom on this thread. Your testosterone levels are none of your business. Forget that negative shit. Go out and fuck, that's it. If you start thinking, gee my testosterone is slowly seeping out of my body, woe is me.......Jesus Christ, thinking like that will kill you. You are what you think you are. If you think you're a thorough bred, no matter what your age, so shall you be then. Too much thinking negative, not enough just being. It'll fucking kill you long before you're due. There's a great book by Dr bernie siegel called love, medicine and miracles which talks about the power of your mind and how you chose to look at things. He says that in his medical experience there's 3 types oc people in the world, the first type, upon being told they have a serious illness will greet this news with no emotion and secretly be happy to die. The second group, which is the majority of the world's population, about 60-70%, will obediently roll over and die when their doctor tells them they have only so long to live. The last type are special,they're only about 10 % of people and upon hearing they have only 3 months to live, will say, not a fucking chance pal, I'm gonna live. And they do. There's been so many cases of people being on deaths door who have turned it around and became completely disease free and lived long lives.
    If you believe the negative, limiting shit that's sprouted everyday, then go for it and be miserable, roll over and waste away. But you get a choice as to what you believe about life and yourself. Dont let anyone tell you what you are or put a label on you. Decide how it's gonna be and I guarantee you, so shall it be.
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  3. Why?

    I don't understand...

    You clearly want sex as you've been wanking so much you need to do nofap, so why do you love being a virgin??
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    I'm 26 and still virgin so I can't help you with that XD but it was very interesting to read this thread. :cool: After all, one of the reason why I started NoFap was because I didn't want to wake up one morning, at 40 and still virgin. :p
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    If our sexuality had "died on the vine" as you put it, we wouldn't be struggling with a porn addiction to begin with; we would be truly asexual.

    Doing nofap makes you realize that having sex and losing your virginity isn't as important as society makes it out to be. A few years ago I was bothered about still being a virgin. Now at 39, and and thanks to nofap, not so much. In fact, I'm getting more and more convinced that ejaculation without intent to procreate is wrong on so many levels. It's a big waste of energy and resources with the sole purpose of experiencing a short bout of pleasure and nothing more. We should be above that.
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    We are not supposed to be asexual though! We were created to have sex in a loving relationship.
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    I did not say we were meant to be asexual. Having sex with no intent to procreate, however, I'm doubting its necessity. Why is there this need to regularly have non-procreative sex in a relationship? Why can't a man a woman in a loving relationship simply enjoy each other's company without fucking their brains out? IMO the idea that regular sex is important in a relationship comes more from bs articles in women's magazines than anything else.
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    It depends on how you look at things. Many (myself included) would argue that it helps form a special bond, that it supports trust and communication, and hell its just old fashioned fun :)
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    Reminds me of all the guys that buy theyre friends prostitutes for their birthdays... frikin like giving someone their first hit of hard drugs...
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    You don't need to be hot to be in Tinder, you just need to stop caring about people knowing you are in Tinder... I'm not hot, at least as an Spaniard, but I changed my Badoo location to Moscu and a few really hot chicks matched me, and I tried for Thailand and that was insane, I got like 50 hearts in a week. So I guess I'm not ugly, I just need to leave this country hahahaha

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