Aokigahara suicide forest

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  1. A guy posted a video where he was walking in this forest in Japan knowing what he was going to find and just for views, he had no respect for the dead and zoomed in a dead person who decided to kill himself/herself. and wtf is wrong with him to wear a hat like that in a place of desolation where people have suffered so much? I would like to be there when he dies and people laughing around him. we are all gonna die but not in this way. Life is beautiful and worth living it. we need more love and to feel that when some of us need help, to talk they have a communication channel open to comfort and show there is beauty and happiness in life, Always


    just the fact that youtube allowed this douchebag to publish a video with a real dead person is disgusting. it was not a horror movie. what happened to some limits to decency?

    in this article i found they talk why in Japan suicide is unfortunately so common and at some point the article links p to problems in bonding in society and therefore increased solitude and deep depression. this is a forest where people go and hang themselves on trees

    i have never been to Japan or this place. i dunno the culture of the japanese people so i dunno if this article says real stuff but it made me reflect. I am European and Catholic but i thought about suicide several times. the worst before my reboot a year ago and also few months during my last reboot. I didn't want to go out and just let my pain sink but never had the courage to act about it. for sure my faith in God helped me a lot to overcome the hard times i went through. nothing compared to what these people that committed suicide went through. it is such an extreme decision and it is so heatrbreaking

    i cannot even imagine what people who killed themeselves in this forest could have felt especially in their last moments. it is so sad and they did in such a public place. Suicide is not a solution. please remember there is always hope, even in the worst darkess

    follows some parts of the article:
    "Financial anxiety and insecurity are compounded by Japan's culture of not complaining.
    "There are not many ways to express anger or frustration in Japan," says Mr Nishida.
    "This is a rule-oriented society. Young people are moulded to fit in to a very small box. They have no way to express their true feelings.
    "If they feel under pressure from their boss and get depressed, some feel the only way out is to die."

    Technology may be making things worse, increasing young people's isolation. Japan is famous for a condition called hikikomori, a type of acute social withdrawal.

    The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare defines hikikomori as people who refuse to leave their house and isolate themselves from society in their homes for a period exceeding six months
    According to government figures released in 2010, there are 700,000 individuals living as hikikomori with an average age of 31
    An overlapping group of people with the hikikomori, otaku are "geeks" or "nerds"
    While hikikomori is mostly a Japanese phenomenon, cases have been found in the United States, Oman, Spain, Italy, South Korea and France
    More about hikkomori

    The young person affected may completely shut himself - it is most often a male - off from the outside world, withdrawing in to a room and not coming out for months or even years.

    But that is only the most extreme form of what is now a widespread loss of direct face-to-face socialising.
    A recent survey of young Japanese people's attitudes to relationships and s. turned up some extraordinary results. Published in January by the Japan Family Planning Association, it found that 20% of men aged 25-29 had little or no interest in having a s. relationship.

    Wataru Nishida points to the internet and the pervasive influence of online p.

    "Young people in Japan have a lot of knowledge," Mr Nishida says, "But they have no life experience. They have no idea how to express their emotions.

    "They have forgotten what it's like to touch a person. When they think about s. they have high anxiety and no idea how to deal with it."
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    We are living in a very strange time ... This suicide problem is not only limited to Japan, it's all over the world, in some countries more then others. It's sad that people are dealing with suicidal thoughts with no help, but what I find more sadder is that other people make fun of it.

    This video shows the reality of our world perfectly.

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    This is so important to recall everytime we are deep in our depression.
    I watched a movie of this forest, it was a lame story.. But what really gave me shivers is that the forest really exists (I googled it back then and I was shocked).

    If someone is dealing with depression:
    Seek for a close friend and talk to him, write down your feelings and meditate, pray hard, and one of the most important thigs is to cry.
    You are a valuable person for your family, friends, society, and if you believe in God, you are worthy because of Him!
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    Honestly this may be an unpopular opinion, but this issue seems to be a lack of religion. When an individual doesn't hold core belief's and values that are outside the materialistic world, they are ultimately lead to an extreme sense of nihilism. This is not only a Japan problem, this problem happens everywhere! More so in developed nations with a high atheist population. If you look at countries that are less developed and with a higher religious population, people tend to be happier and content with what they have. These people may struggle more in life, but I think that struggle is necessary for our spiritual health.
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    There was a horror movie about it. 'The forest' if I recall.
  8. I'm not so sure Atheism has a lot to do with that.. There are so many reasons as to why a person commits suicide, and a lot of the times they can usually suffer from a mental illness that was either never diagnosed or they had one without realising and pressure or a tragedy made them snap. But again, there are a ton of factors and a lot of the reasons are still unknown, because they either never kept a diary or they ended up destroying it.

    Just because a person isn't religious doesn't mean they would be happier or more content with life, nor does it mean we're going to kill ourselves. My life sucks right now and I have been in a huge rut for months now, yet I have no plans of offing myself.

    You have things I guess in religion that makes you happy or keeps you motived, and I have the same thing just not with religion.
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    like I said, it's my opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.

    I wasn't trying to offend you, or any other atheists. Neither do I think they're all going to off themselves. To me however, the trend seems to be that there are a few correlations between depression, nihilism and atheism to suicide. Personally I knew 2 people who committed suicide. I didn't know them well, but they were from my small community. Both suffered from chronic depression and were on anti-depressants at an early age.

    Now I know for a fact that there are 2 types of depression. One being medically diagnosed where the brain doesn't produce enough dopamine. The other that is caused environmentally. So we have to ask, at what percentage of these people offing themselves is it medical or environmental. And if it is environmental, what are the societal impacts that are causing these events and is there a way to correlate them.

    There's a great book that I'm currently reading that was written by a psychologist which states that if there is an aspect in a person which you want to change such as addiction or alcoholism. Giving him a step by step program may help for a short term, however if you give him religion it will change him for the long term. It becomes something he hold dear in his heart. This is why many people use religion as a weapon, it is something that is very powerful.
  10. I'm not offended I was just mentioning I'm not conviced atheism itself is the driving force. It's hard to do any research on why people kill themselves because obviously they can't talk after, so really all psychologists have to go on are either how that individual was growing up, and through diaries/journals.

    My brother unfortunately committed suicide when I was a teen. I found out from the police he kept a journal and no idea but they wouldn't give it back or show me, so I'll never know why. Regardless of what it is that causes them to do that, I just want somebody to find something to help people with depression or put more research into it. So many people live with chronic depression or other problems and suicide rates in general are pretty scary, life is tough and horrible for a lot and I think there has to be a better way to help or care for them.

    Religion may help some people, I know some turn to that in desperate or dark times. No matter how horrible I have it I still haven't changed my mind and for things such as addictions I just use my willpower and things I've learned, that's how I've beat and buried my other addictions in the past.
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    I'm really sorry to hear that. Going through that kind of pain isn't easy. I've never had anyone in my immediate family fall to suicide, however I've lost my mother due to cancer so I kind of know that feeling.

    Out of curiosity, what was your upbringing like? are any of your immediate family members religious? Reason I ask is because I want to know if you consider yourself an atheist or agnostic? I know of many people who had religious upbringing who later become die hard atheist's in their teens, and there are also many who have never had any type of religious influence. I find in fascinating how people come to their decisions.
  12. That's okay, I've had years to grieve and think about it. He made his choice to leave me and my parents, and understood the ramifications of doing so. And while I still miss and love him, there's anger and hatred for what he did as well.

    My mum and her side of the family is religious but not my dad, growing up they said they would leave it up to me if I chose to be religious and if not that was fine as well. I've never been into religion, I can't explain it as I'm rubbish with that stuff but summed up I don't believe in any supernatural force, God or anything of the sort.
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  13. The guy is a moron, obviously. But I wouldn't like to be there when he dies and people laughing around him. That's nasty.
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    I don’t think it’s fair to call him a moron. Does he have problematic views? Yes. But insulting him won’t likely bring about change in his heart. Rather it will likely steel his resolve.

    I for one hope he will change and treat the dead with respect, and I will applaud him when he does.
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    You know what they say! Never make fun of suicide! But I disagree, what it should actually be is: Never make fun of suicide in public, do it privately! Cause other butthurted people will shame you! People who have absolutely no idea how it is to live with a friend/family member that comited suicide!

    WAKE UP IDIOTS! SHAME THE SUICIDE! Do you know how parents teaches their children how not to smoke??? Correct! They SHAME smokers in front of their child! They dont go with "Ohhh that pooor, pooooor smoking soul...who knows how bad he feels right now and blah blah blah", if you will do that instead of shaming......guess what your child will start to do when he will face some problems.....correct!!! smoking!!

    I am so tired actually to see how many people feel sorry for people who commit suicide....... the fuck???! I consider the suicide person a weak and a egoistic person! You shouldnt feel sorry for them just like they didnt feel sorry for those who loved him! Have you tried to feel sorry for the family of that person who comitted suicide? Cause they will suffer the most in life!!

    I am done....if you think I am wrong, remember, my father comitted suicide and reconsider your thoughts.
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  16. I do not understand what you are getting at. :confused: In my opinion, the YouTube guy acted stupidly / foolishly / moronically!

    But you say that in expressing such an opinion "Won’t likely bring about change in his heart. Rather it will likely steel his resolve." Well, I was not anticipating that he would read my comment on a niche website such as this. Your opinion is that he has "problematic views". Even if you are correct, that is not likely bring about change in his heart either because, as I have said, he is not going to be aware of it.
  17. That may be true in some cases. You may have reason to believe that was true in your father's case. But it is not true in every case. There are other factors that rightly move us to have empathy with the victim of their decision to end their life.
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    Yes, but I have the right to believe it so. I dont know what case exactly are you are talking about, but I wont feel sorry for a suicide in majority of cases, no matter if it was bully, leaked naked pictures on the internet, fired from the job, rejected or cheated, its at least weakness for me. Nobody should feel sorry, at least not in front of children, you may be thinking that its a good thing to do and I know why, but in reality children learn that suicide is a solution to a big problem. So IGY, please, dont feel sorry in front of a child, do it in private.
  19. I understand the point you are making HP and I can only use my imagination to empathise with the lifelong impact on you of your dad's choice. Yes, it is a choice. But the key to this is not the examples you gave e.g. bullying, losing job etc.

    A few years ago (I cannot be precise), the phrase was:- "...took their life while the balance of their mind was disturbed". In my opinion, that phrase fits with the suicides I've had personal knowledge of (a cousin and numerous acquaintances). In some cases, they had severe, diagnosed mental health problems. It might be easy to conclude that such ones were weak. But my broad experience of them is that they were incredibly resilient. But, AND THIS IS THE POINT, their mental illness impaired their normal thinking processes. If an individual is not in possession of their faculties, how can they be selfish or egotistical? Such mind states require an ability to reason. All the evidence I have seen is that when someone suffering from a severe mental disorder takes their life, they temporarily lose their power of reason. From my point of view, this is one of the most tragic of all human conditions. It is a tragedy for the victim, their family, their other loved ones and even acquaintances. I realise, of course, that not all those that take their life are diagnosed with a disorder. Yet many of those that do this, may meet the criteria during the crisis that leads to their decision to kill themselves.
    When someone becomes actively suicidal, you can distil all the issues involved down to this. They are in such emotional distress that they are overwhelmed and just want the pain to stop. Because of their distorted reasoning (outlined above), suicide appears to be the only way to achieve that. So, when someone dies from suicide, I do not feel sorry for the person. What I feel is a deep empathy regarding the amount of emotional pain they must have been in to do it. I do not have any kids and I live alone, so I don't get to give out my opinions in front of children.
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  20. i wasn't serious obviously. i am just saying would he like people around him laughing when he is about to die or has died? i understand that whe you are 22 you feel you'll live forever but having no morals and try to earn money through a person that committed suicide is fucked up and disturbing on so many levels

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