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    This thread is for those Accountability Partners that deserve to be appreciated. Share your story, how has your AP helped you. What's the best thing about him/her.
    New members may get encouraged to find good APs through this thread
  2. Tannhauser

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    I have two accountability partners. One is my same age and lives in the UK (while I live in the US). We have been talking on NoFap for over a year now, and he has helped me so much. We have become good friends and write each other about everything. I would never have been able to make it past 30 days without his help and encouragement.

    My second AP is a really cool guy from Seattle. We swapped phone numbers a couple months back and call each other about once a week. Just talking out loud to somebody about these issues and feelings, and encouraging each other. It has been a great experience!

    It is hard to find a good AP, but I would encourage everybody on here to keep looking. And don't confine yourself to people who are of the same religion/race/ethnicity/age group/country or time zone as you. Sometimes having a different perspective on the same problem can help a lot.
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    Im new here I would like to know a good AP around my age "20" if you are interested add me on snapchat : m7md1j
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    I've had an ap who joined nofap I don't think he uses it often but we talk everyday it's awesome. He's on a big streak and motivation always cool to have that and fun.
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