AP needed to help talk me down and not give into temptation

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by superstorm250, Aug 14, 2020.

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    I [M27] really need some help and words of encouragement to not give into temptation for one of the worst parts of my addiction. You see, I’m not just addicted to P, but I’m also addicted to hearing about girls’ sex lives. I’ve been addicted to that for about 5 years now, and by that I mean that I’ll go on the X rated Kik subreddits to find girls willing to talk about their sex lives and they then tell me about their sexual encounters in graphic detail while I masturbate to what they’re telling me. No pics are ever exchanged, we just talk about her sex life the whole time. I feel like shit every time I do it and I still struggle to keep myself from doing it. I’m currently facing a lot of temptation to do it again later tonight, even though I know I’ll feel like shit if I give in again. I need some help from an AP to stop me from giving into this tonight and to stay away from PMO altogether.
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    Wanna try?

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