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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Schnabel, Aug 4, 2020.

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    Hi everyone,

    let's do the setup:
    I'm 37, German, married, father and looking for an AP to use the nofap inbox message system. My aim is to quit PM as well as dropping the 'I-need-my-fix-now-Sex/O'. I'm a heavy user of daily PMO with sessions up to a few hours, obsessive thoughts and ... well, we all know the game here; it's pretty much the whole spectrum. I've tried NoFap before and had an awesome AP once.

    plan: Let's use the inbox at least once a day and more often if needed. That being said: there's absolutely no pressure though! you've no obligation here; we're in to help, assure and support each other and there'll be no accusations from my part.

    I'm pretty much open for any age group and don't care too much about your age or religion or if you're aiming for goals other than my own. everything is fine as long as you're serious about your approach and we use the inbox (pretty much my only request).

    Godspeed have a nice day everyone!
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    Hello, can I be your partner. I come from China. All the words I wrote were translated by translation software. I can talk to you about these things every day. But I should only be here for a month. Because I will start school in another month. I can't bring computer in school. It's very troublesome to log in to this website with your mobile phone. So I can remind you every day if you like. And our time should be different. I've been watching pornography for three or four years. I only learned in the last year that I wanted to quit pornography. The longest time is 46 days. I'll remind you every day if you like. I'm nineteen

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