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  1. Rehab_warrior

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    I'm excited !

    I feel it's gonna be a F hard day....... it's only 9.45 AM in my country and already strong porn urges !!!!! And I'm alone at my place this morning, behind my computer :p

    Today will be a test.

    I'm so thrilled to test my mental discipline and strength !

    If I can resist this day, I'll be able to resist any day and finally kick this bad habit out of my life !!!! And I'm proud to think further... ANY BAD HABITS :)

    I have no doubt about it !

    The Warrior

    Stay brave bros
  2. Jerky

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    YES! You can resist!

    DO IT!
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  3. DayOne44

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    This is a great attitude!

    I have been worried about getting old and not having sexual urges anymore.

    Aging would be a natural cure.

    My worry is that then I wouldn't have anything to fight and conquer as you are doing.
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  4. Rehab_warrior

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    Thanks for your message.

    You know, my grandpa is 80 years old and I've never seen someone with such rage and combativity.

    Also, my father leads a warrior's life of discipline, respect, bravery, kindness.

    I grew up with 2 excellent role models ! I'm so lucky to have grown as an adult near them :)

    About your aging thing, I wouldn't care.

    As I told, my grandpa is 80 and he lives life to the fullest every day.

    Every day, there are challenges. And every day he fights his own battles.

    It might not be sexual urges, yet it is urges indeed : the urge to be lazy, the urge to eat sugar, the urge to watch TV instead of reading, etc........

    He fights and doesn't allow anything to enter his mind. He knows that once a bad habit enters your mind, it is hard to remove it !!!!! We haven't talked about it, but by the way he talks and lives,I suppose he struggled with deep troubles in is youth...

    He keeps his health of body and mind that way, and his youth ! A lot of persons think is not even 70 !!!

    Trully, I have so much respect for him.

    Anyway, here is what I understood by living with him : life is hard, and if you let your guard down, it's gonna hit you with such force that you'll be on your knees. You'll always have urges, always. You have to discipline your mind and say no to your urges.

    As a mentor said : "I'd rather struggle and die on my feet than die lazy on my knees".

    DayOne, you don't have to worry. You'll always have something to conquer :)

    The Warrior
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  5. DayOne44

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    From the way you describe him, your grandfather is an inspiration for us all.

    Not everyone is fortunate to know someone like him.

    I see many elderly people who have long since sat down and given up.

    That is sad.

    Your grandfather is a rare character.

    Clearly, you know how much you've gained from such an excellent role model.

    Aging is on my mind because I just turned 47 a couple weeks ago.

    Your grandfather reminds us that all struggles will continue through aging.

    I see that's good. So long as struggles continue, life continues.

    I remember a coworker saying once, "There's no such thing as 'adulthood.'"

    I'm really still like a teenage boy in my struggles, particularly with this PMO problem.

    I'm finding that while I am now in the center of middle-age, this is not a time when I finally have it all together and can just coast.

    Yes, it is good to always have a fight and something to conquer!

    Thank you very much for this inspiring message.

    This is one of the best I've ever gotten over my whole time on NoFap.

    It's one I should come back to in the future.

    Congratulations on your block of 30 solid days!

    Thirty days for most things is a short time.

    But, when fighting PMO, thirty days marks a huge victory!
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  6. Rehab_warrior

    Rehab_warrior Fapstronaut


    I'm happy to have inspired you.
    We should give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar... I'm merely a messager here ;)

    I hear your point of view about "adulthood".
    I do think like you, however I'd like to add something.

    You have indeed the heart of a teenage, and you will keep it forever :)
    But your mind.... your mind !
    Your mind is a fortress you build every day, and only the quality of your fortress can protect your inner peace from obstacles.

    Those elderly you described, who gave up, are indeed people who wronged themselves and kept a mind of teenagers...
    Wrong !
    Their fortress were weak, and shattered with time....

    PMO is a bad habit, a hole in our fortress !

    If we don't anything, one day that hole will break the walls of our fortress and we'll give up on life...

    My point of view on life is simple : we live to love and protect our family.
    Being kind and respecting each other should be mankind's priority.

    Porn is wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Child slavery, rapes...!!!!!! F word...!

    That's more than a good reason to quit PMO.

    By realising you have a PA, you made such a discovery...

    You now know you have a hole in your wall and that your foretress can shatter anytime...


    F that PMO, and F PA !!!!

    PMO lies in the past now.

    And thanks btw. 30 days is HUGE. Hell of a ride !!!!!!
    From now-on, I'll live on my feet :)

    The Warrior
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  7. DayOne44

    DayOne44 Fapstronaut


    You definitely seem to have a lot more energy than the average bear!

    I can feel that energy coming through your words.

    Now, I need to go get some bricks and cement.

    My big project is to patch up this gaping hole in my fortress.

    Many more years to come!
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