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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by kumar123456, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. kumar123456

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    plz can u guyz suggest be some app which would show a similar banner or counter on my phone.
    This banner really motivates me..and stop me from fapping.
  2. Moravak

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    Look for an App called Lift. Or just google it. It's not exactly a banner, but it's a goal setting app and you can join NoFap group there too.
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  3. jazzphanatic

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    Hello gentlemen. I just downloaded the app, Lift. Seems like a very cool app. Hope to benefit tremendously from it. Thanks for recommending and great job with hanging in there!
  4. Caveat Emptor

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    I used to use HabitRPG. Its a goal setting app/game where if you accomplish your in real life goals, you get points and experience to improve your in game character.

    There are also "guilds" based off similar goals. Last I recall there's a PMO-Free guild.
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  5. IWantABetterLife22

    IWantABetterLife22 NoFap Moderator

    I use the CleanTime Counter. It's a simple app that tracks the amount of time since last relapse (it works for alcoholics too), and you can set it as a banner too.
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  6. I use Habitbull to track my no PMO streak.

    USABILITY - Really well designed and pleasant to use. Very useful widget to record a successful day with no PMO.

    TRACKING - Displays your streak in numbers and in a graph, your personal best streak, and your number of successful days as a percentage (this last metric is important if a relapse does occur. You can use it as motivation not to binge).

    RECOVERY - A core part to recovery is filling the void left by PMO. Create just one or two positive habits and track your success with them alongside your NoFap streak.

    If you can afford the couple of dollars/pounds etc for the premium version, I recommend you do (and I'm very tight when it comes to paying for an app).

    Hope this helps :)
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