Approaching 200 Days of NO PM in 1st try

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Hermin, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Hermin

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    DAY 192
    It was a rough ride but I am stable after a lot of struggling. I was so negative at one point that even administrators were moving my threads around to archived forums.
    My approach was:

    Or you do it in one try or you are a failure.

    I did achieve that. Of course, other methods might work as well, but I do not believe in constant... I don't even know what is the expression - slips? reboots or something? Relapses!

    So decide and act upon your decision!

    After 200 days pornography doesn't cross my mind anymore. My relationship with my wife is much much better. Like 300% better. I will post some good methods to help you conquer your addiction in the next post.
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  2. phwrancesco

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    yup! i'm in first try too bro!
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  3. Exponential Power

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    I'm with you! This is my first streak.
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  4. Reverent

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    Same thing. There have been days where not wanting to end my streak was all I had to hang onto.
    Othertimes it has been easy since I'm not thinking of fighting but instead working on a lifestyle change.

    Congratulations man, you're awesome and an inspiration. Keep it going.
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