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Approaching halfway mark - experiences, tips and tricks

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by LoveIsAllWeNeed, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. LoveIsAllWeNeed

    LoveIsAllWeNeed Fapstronaut

    This is my 300th message, I am approaching the halfway mark of my 90 days challenge, so I'm going to share my experiences of the journey that lies behind me.

    I came here to get clean from MO as I was already clean from P. I didn't find it very hard to stay away from M, although the occasional mind trick gave me some urges. I was never really tempted.
    This is the first tip for anyone trying to get clean: be vigilant on your mind. It comes up with so many sh*t to make us feel as if we need to relapse. It really is a worthy opponent on our warrior path.

    I feel so much stronger than when I started, so much more focussed, so much more in sync with life, joyful, at peace with myself. I could go on and on and on. It really is worth every effort I put into it.
    The second tip is: keep reading and writing at this forum. The mind tries to keep us isolated from others and this place is a real good place to break through this mindmade prison cell.

    My relationship with my wife has improved immensely. She really sees my complete makeover and is as glad as I am. We have a spiritual relationship in which we share meditation, listening to webinars about personal growth, connecting with the light, our essence and stuff like that. It really helps us to connect with each other.
    The third tip is related to this: try to get some 'higher' goal while detoxing. If you don't believe in some higher power, start believing in your own inherent goodness. I've seen many fail because they think they have a bad nature. Why should you believe that? If you have a choice, why not choose a positive self image?

    My past has been an anxious one, exhausting myself with all the addictions. Now I'm going for my goals. I am a professional coach, both lifecoach and mental golfcoach, I love setting up music meditations and I'm writing a book with numerous practices for living from our essence. This is what I'm going for the next decades. I'm not holding back anymore. Going for my chances together with people who are on the same path.
    My fourth and final tip is threefold: practice, practice and practice. Meditate, do mindfulness, pray, do yoga, whatever, but you need to see your mind before you can tame it. If you don't, it will trick you and you'll keep going around in circles.

    I am so glad I took this step. The world is under the spell of porn, which is disastrous for men, marriages, careers, families and relationships. It is a worldwide pandemic far worse than Corona or any other virus. It is secretly killing billions of people by cutting them off from their source. We are lively, energetic, joyful people when we are connected to that source. It is our birthright to be like that. Young kids are exposed to porn at an age they have no clue what they're getting into. This must stop. We can stop it by working on ourselves and showing it to the world. Everyone counts. Keep going everybody. Don't give up. You're healing the world while healing yourself!
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  2. Alhamik

    Alhamik New Fapstronaut

    I don't even know if my mind will allow me to start.
  3. rostronaut

    rostronaut Nofap Moderator
    Staff Member

    Thank you and Congratulations!
  4. LoveIsAllWeNeed

    LoveIsAllWeNeed Fapstronaut

    Well, you're here. So, you didn't listen to your mind allowing you not to start. Maybe your heart is telling you to start and that's why you're here...
  5. great story. I love the last tip of picking anything and practice it. I can pick up my guitar training again
  6. Thanks for sharing these great tips. Very well said, Mr. Love. I am often victim to my own mind tricks, and that has led to many relapses in the past. I hope to be more vigilant and see my mind more clearly this time.
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