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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Le 17, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Le 17

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    I am a 17 year old male who often aproaches older women (20-35) and need your opinion on a matter. Do you guys think i should only approach women who are about my age or is it okay to go higher?

    The most atractive women i see are older than me. Is not that i dont enjoy a 17 year old but i often find myself asking out older women.
  2. fg4795

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    Just asks yourself: why?
    If the answer is that you want conquer the older women not because they're more mature mentally, or more attractive, but just because you think it is really cool, because you'll be the "boss" going out let's say a 30 yr old woman.
    Than probably you're just spoilt from the porn and you want that women just as trophy, so you should stop and reflect on it.
    If the answer is that you sincerely just find them more attractive, you feel better with them.
    Well, in my country we have a say that goes like "it is not beautiful what is beautiful, it is beautiful what you like".

    I don't know where are you from, just still remember your age. 17 you're really young, maybe even illegal in some countries ;)
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    That's how I was. I was into 30-40+ year olds when I was your age. Still am lol. But now girls my age are fine too. In America, I think women prefer guys that are 3-4 years older than them, and I rarely see women that like younger guys, unless they are just horny. Honestly, do whatever you want, don't let us stop you.
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  4. Le 17

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    In my country you can have sex at 15 so i am legal haha. Still, thanks for those words. Honestly, i never saw those older women as trophys but i just think they are hot. Could be because i was really into MILF porn but not sure.

    If they are okay with some 17 year old then im up for the task. Thanks again!
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  5. Le 17

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    Thanks, i will try and see if it works out!
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  6. SoaringEagle

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    Dude relax and just enjoy your time. There could be physiological factors why you are into this but who cares. You will only need to think about it deeper if you are getting married though but just enjoy the ride, ehmm. No pun intended :D.
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  7. Le 17

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    I am sure I will enjoy the ride haha.
    Edit: For some reason i send the same messege 3 times. That was weird
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  8. p1n1983

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    Attraction is not a choice. You like older woman and that is totally fine. There are also woman out there that like younger guys too so go after what you like and not what society tells you who you should date.
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  9. thinking_differently

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    P has shaped our views about sexuality.

    If you want, and manage to, go for it! Enjoy the moment.
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