Are adult virgins sexist?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by MrDetermination, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. MrDetermination

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    Here's something I've been thinking about: over the past few months, I've seen regularly on the internet the idea according to which men who are still virgin after about the age of 20 become sexist.
    I'm a 23 year-old man, and still virgin, and I think of gender equality and fighting against sexism as subjects that matter a lot, and of feminists, not as misandric people who consider men as the enemy, but as people fighting for an actual noble cause that benefits society as a whole. There was a march for women's rights where I live back in November, and I went there. If you see sexist comments on the internet, they are totally and definitely not from me.
    What do you people think?
    Adult virgins who become sexist: urban legend or actual fact? myth or reality? Is there some elements of truth to it? Let me know.
  2. Not really. There are some sexist groups like the incels but they don't represent all male virgins. I think a way you could characterize adult virgin men in the 21st century western world would be: low confidence, laziness, dependence on porn/Internet in general.
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  3. Infrasapiens

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    People can be sexists or virgins at any age.
  4. Sawako Kuronuma

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    My Journal
    Virginity or at least the concept of that in itself doesn't make or even necessarily lead a person towards being sexist, but as @Gaius Julius Caesar said groups such as incels are sexist.
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    So if you're celibacy isn't voluntary, you're "sexist?" There might be a correlation between the two, but there are a LOT of male feminist types who are incels.
  6. Roffelaar

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    It's just their own frustration of being a virgin I believe. They can't get a girl and get frustrated of still being a virgin and then blame it on ALL the women instead of blaming it on themselves.

    But as Infrasapiens said. People can be sexist at any age, virgin or not.
  7. gsherman100

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    26, still a virgin, and don’t give two fucks.
  8. Spitfirewho

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    I was a virgin until I was 32 and went through all kinds of phases of sexist thoughts, feminist thoughts and a lot more. You blame them, you blames yourself, you blame everyone else, blah blah blah. I understand why I went through these phases now and can honestly say I was not in a rational thinking mindset.

    Now me, I had a double whammy of sexist thoughts and kinda hating women for a while because I am also not well equipped downstairs and this shame haunted me. Add that to being an adult virgin I was feeling really shitty for a long time. Honestly never thought I would loose my v-card but it did happen.

    You go through phases of hate but in reality it's just the fear being overwhelming. Instead embrace the fear and step out of your comfort zone and eventually good things may happen should you let them.
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