Are posts being culled, or where did they go?

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  1. Somehow I lost a couple of posts. As I've posted over twenty of them, I don't remember which ones they might have been. What might have happened to them? Apparently, the likes that had been given them were subtracted from my total as well.

    As I still had a tab open from yesterday with the previous stats, I was able to take a before-and-after screenshot to show the drop in post count--but I don't know how to upload those images here. Before, it was 22 posts; now it is 20. Before, it was 30 likes; now it is 25. I saw the likes drop by two once before, just after reaching 25 it declined to 23--but I wasn't looking closely at the post count at that time, so now I'm wondering if older posts are automatically removed or something...but I see many posts older than mine here, so, did I do anything wrong? No message was left for me as to any reason for this--no alert, nothing. Did they just vanish into the ether?

    If I somehow became an offender against the rules here, I'd like to know so that I don't repeat it. I don't want to waste everyone's time, mine included, carefully crafting posts that will have to be removed.
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    I cannot speak to your specific situation, however I can provide a couple general possibilities as to what caused your count to be reduced:

    1) If a user who started a thread you posted on chose to delete the thread, your posts would disappear.

    2) If a moderator assistant moved a thread you posted on to offtopic, your count would go down.

    3) If you posted the same content in more than one section, the moderator assistants may have merged your threads, causing the count to go down.

    4) The moderation team may have had to delete a thread because the thread was violating the rules, but your specific posts were not in violation. This would cause your count to go down.

    But yes, if you personally violated the rules, you would normally receive a warning from the moderation team.

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