Are sex demons real?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by GripStrength, May 8, 2019.

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    A demon is a part of your own brain trying to destroy you.
    inb4 schizo post
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    Interesting subject..I think they may be real. Only because I've had some weird dreams in the past with woman going down on me, even men, transsexuals in dream. There are certainly many different veriety's of sex demons.. While I was reading you're post the Succubus came to my mind. But its hard to believe in them....

    Most disturbing dream I've had is when my penis actually fell off. I remember as if I was trying to put the head back on, but I was having trouble.

    I guess this may relate to our bodies and what we want or what were having trouble with. Possibly sending us a indicator during sleep of what we are doing to much of as a warning. The body has its ways of letting us know what's good or what's bad. Dreams are a prefect example..
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    You know, may or may not be true but I read somewhere that dreaming that your penis falls off has something to do with you feeling disconnected to your feelings of masculinity or sexual power. Something like that. Could be total BS.
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    Interesting input.

    I think another way of looking at this is with the question, “Is the super-natural involved in porn?” And, “Do we have dreams as a warning?”

    The answer of course varies from person to person depending on their beliefs about religion and dreams.

    I’ve had dreams, nightmares actually, about porn, sexual perversions, and demons that were so vivid and scary that though they were years ago I still remember them.

    I don’t think I need to go into detail about them but will say I was doing things I shouldn’t have been doing in those dreams and suddenly became aware of a strong evil invisible being that clearly wanted to destroy me. I remember in one of those nightmare waking up yelling, “Go away!”.

    I think I was receiving warnings, “Stay away from the shit! You’re getting yourself into great danger!”.

    There are things in porn that I’ve seen that are so bizarre I can’t help but think that demons are behind it. Once again I won’t go into detail. But lots of the very perverse porn doesn’t even have anything to do with sexual intercourse but rather abject humiliation and torture of women.

    Sadism is getting sexual pleasure from inflicting great pain onto people and in my opinion it’s demonic. The shameful fact is that I was getting pleasure from watching that stuff. I was getting into demonic material.

    I think I was being warned in those dreams to stop what I was doing by watching and M-ing to perversion. Unfortunately it wasn’t until 40 years of porn addiction that I finally go serious about quitting and it’s been hard but I’m still trying.


    I think it could be argued too that all porn is demonic since it’s going off tract from what God has designed for human sexuality.

    Once again I realize that one’s view about this varies with their beliefs about religion.

    I feel I need to stop watching / looking at all porn, no matter how vanilla it is. For me the one leads to the other.


    I will be interested in the inputs of others about what I wrote. I’m thick skinned so blast away if you feel like it.

    (I’m no longer deeply religious like I used to be. But I still retain some of the basic beliefs.)
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  6. Demons are definitely real. Not in the sense that most people think of them though, as in - a supernatural entity that comes to feed on your suffering and sin, but in the sense that your own mind creates them. Think of it this way - not even a couple hundred years have passed since humanity first coined the term 'subconscious', and now all of us have a basic understanding of it, you yourself have used the term in your post.

    Now, think of demons as exactly that. You feed your brain dopamine by doing something that actually disgusts and shames you, whether because of how vile it is, or how much damage it is causing your personal life at the cost of pleasure. In time those emotions only grow inside of you and become overpowering, making you succumb to what you know is damaging you. Be it masturbation, adultery, theft, murder or anything else of the sort. The part of you that craves those things at the expense of your quality of life is only ever growing, even if you fight it - it eventually takes a shape of its own in your mind, and makes it ever harder to resist.

    You feel possessed, controlled, manipulated, overwhelmed. That's what demons are - they aren't some supernatural entity that has come into your life to do you harm, they are a manifestation of your struggle with yourself that takes a shape of its own in your own mind. They aren't horned beasts from Hell sent to torture you. They are malignant energies that have manifested from the abyss of your own heart. They do not need a shape or form. They are not bound to it. For they only exist in your own mind. For the sole purpose of torturing you.

    That part of your consciousness exists, and it is aware. As aware as you are. And in time it becomes so prevalent and powerful in your life, that it becomes a permanent part of you. I actually saw, felt and heard my demons on many occasions - and in my mind they were real. Once even had animalistic sex with one, being fully awake. Funny thing is that I was as sober as I could be every single time. But I saw them, felt them and heard them - it doesn't matter whether anyone else did, or whether they exist in the physical form, for they( and encountering them) affected me all the same nonetheless. It changes nothing whether anyone else sees them - for what you see, hear and feel - is real to you at the moment. I think that answers your question. Are they real? Yes. To you they are. And that is enough. That is the point of it all.
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  7. I have had dreams like that also.
  8. About 2 weeks ago I was lying in bed and went into this hypnagogic state, I was perfectly aware of my body and being in bed.
    I started thinking about a Stephen King story and it immediately went off track - I started thinking that I was about to meet a family of demons, and that they tortured their baby.

    I was outside a house, and talking to someone I knew in high school who was known for being sexually perverse and aggressive. It was implied that he spent a lot of time hanging out with this family. I met them and they looked like highly exaggerated caricatures of 'good people,' smooth skin, smiling etc.

    I was back outside the house again and hundreds of 'lost' teenagers had descended on the place- people just like me at that age. I was locked in place on my bed and terrified at this point.

    Back inside the house, the family (mother, father, baby,) were leering at me and starting to smile in this really fucking inhumane way. Their eyes were turning black with iridescent green irises, and they were opening their mouths to expose their complete lack of teeth, completely black inside. They were communicating without words that they just had orange wedges in their mouth (I don't call the shots when it comes to my dreams making sense apparently,) as a way of explaining why I couldn't see their teeth.

    Nothing will be able to explain how scary that experience was. For all intents and purposes it was real.

    I never believed in demons, but I think I am starting to understand where the concept has come from because every so often I experience something which communicates absolutely malevolent forces which I have allowed to take power over me.
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    Demons are absolutely real. I don't know if your dream was demonic in nature, but anyone saying demons aren't real are doing you a great disservice. It might make some people uncomfortable, but you can't just pretend something doesn't exist because it's scary.

    Thankfully, there's a great and simple way to combat these things, and that would be to trust Jesus as your Savior and ask him for help. I would say more, but I'll get in trouble for "proselytizing." :rolleyes:

    I have had a few demonic dreams, and they can be really really frightening. It's a real thing, and it's a valid thing to be afraid of. They are powerful and you should be scared of them. I'm not trying to be negative, but someone telling you not to be afraid of demons would be like someone telling you not to be afraid of rattlesnakes. You should be afraid of them, and you should do your best to avoid them and seek help against them if you encounter them. They're not always working in such obvious scary ways, either. Sometimes Satan is behind the small stuff too, like feeding you kids to believe about yourself, like that you're worthless or you're trapped I. this situation. You are not trapped! That's a lie! Plenty of people have gotten out of this same pit, and you can too. Jesus helps a lot.

    Sorry if y'all can't handle truth, but he asked if demons are real and I'm not going to BS him to make him feel safer. You're not safe from demons if you don't have Jesus.

    I'm not going to argue with anyone about this. If you don't believe it, fine, that's your choice. Arguing with you on the internet is unlikely to change your mind, so I will just leave it at that.
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    Yes. I dated one for a year. Not recommended.
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    The only demon you need to deal with is your own demons boy. There are not exactly any sex demons. Only what your mind feeds you. Even if you think there is any sex demon either make peace with it or destroy it. It's in your hand.
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    Diabolical means superstition.
    God literally blew up the entire city of Sodom, like the Death Star in Star Wars, sparing only Abraham's nephew. God Loves you more than the devil.
    If the devil/demons laid a finger on you, God would blow them up, faster than the Ewoks can blow up the second Death Star.
  13. It felt demonic. The only way I could calm down and actually sleep was to repeat the Jesus prayer until the horrible feeling passed. As soon as I started, the feeling of paralysis started to lift.

    You know what I've noticed? Atheists have become more pushy than Christians in their prosletysing. I'm not a Christian, I actually designated myself Hindu in the last census form I filled out, such is the strength of my belief in the methaphysics of non-dualism. I have elected however, to gain a greater understanding of the dominant faith in my country by doing my own study into the Bible etc. so I can actually talk to people about religion, because I refuse to believe that such a strong evolutionary trait has appeared simply as a tool of manipulation. TBH I still believe a lot of the bible is cooked and of no relevance to modern, Western society, and there's no way Jesus is the only messenger of God... But underlying that is Christs' ACTUAL message of unity and love.

    The manipulation is very real and present, of that there is no doubt, but there's something to it (religion, that is.). The fundamentalist atheists/militant atheists/whatever I've known have actually driven me TOWARDS religious thought because they're so bloody close-minded and if Dawkins, Hitchens etc don't believe it, they don't either. They end up deifying living humans and cannot see it, they don't read scripture and decide for themselves, they just read The God Delusion and blah blah circlejerk ad infinitum. The post directly above me is a good example of the vacuum chamber the average atheist lives in, using ridicule and destabilising honest inquiries into the nature of spirituality with thought-terminating cliches and absurdist logic which denotes, to me, that they haven't put any serious thought into the matter other than picking up a book rather than reaching their own conclusions... Just as they accuse the religious of doing.

    This is what I get for internetting before I've had my coffee. Sorry for derailing the thread, please don't ridicule this guys' honest enquiry.
    My honest answer to the original question is yes, but that demons don't exist as actual people inside your head or whatever... The nature of good/evil has been qualified in stories and artworks as actual, physical beings as a way to comprehend these concepts. It's the role of the individual to contemplate them and look within their own being to identify what they actually are from there. TBH that's what I love about Hindu theosophy- it's very plainly stated that an understanding of the forces, deities etc. described is an introductory exercise and through contemplation, practice and study one slowly becomes aware of the underlying nature of reality. Getting stuck in the surface levels of appearances and taking the stories literally (which is what EVERY atheist I know does,) is tantamount to delusion, which in turn is funnily enough, represented as demonic possession. Go figure.
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    Demon is dogma

    Daemon is powerful Anything

    You need not worry about astral parasytes. Those kind of dreams are not tulpa/ ghost caused. You are safe. Build your intention. Before sleep, don't be weak mind. Your subconscious is is YOU but sleeping or drunk/tipsy..FUCKING SORT YOU OUT ! :)
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    What is that quote of mine? I don't recall saying that... I mean it's not a bad thing to say, but please don't put quotes around something I didn't say. It's really not cool.
  16. My apologies Castielle, I attributed that to you because I felt compelled to repeat it as I read your post. At that point in time (I'd just woken up,) I felt that prayer coming through your words. Never again.

    Similarly Adoodguy, I didn't mean to offend you. The comment was in response to Jakes', which added nothing to the topic and only served to heap meaningless ridicule upon someone for asking an honest question.
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    Demons are real for sure, but I don't know about "sex demons", that seems to play into the male sexual fantasy way too easy. lol

    Seriously if "sex demons" were real I'm sure incels would be calling on them every night!
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    As a christian, I know demon exists for sure. I've been to délivrance session and witnessed their act. I believe each demon has its domain of specialization, so there is sexual demon as well. Prayers and discipline can kick them out tho.
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    I don't think there are sex demons, otherwise Elliot Rogers would've got laid.
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