Are sexy clothed girls from videogames dangerous?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Davikch, May 21, 2021.

  1. Davikch

    Davikch Fapstronaut

    I like Skullgirls and Helltaker. These games both have a lot of beautiful women. I enjoy looking at drawn ladies esthetically and do not get aroused (maybe it's because my streak is low).

    What do you think about these games? Drawn woman? Sexualizing drawn woman?
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  2. Trobone

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    If you have to ask the question, you probably now the answer.
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  3. Arez01

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    "Is purposely looking at sexy girls ok if I don't feel aroused" no if you want to do nofap, you will fill your mind with girls now and regret it later; besides helltaker's lore is about you being the only male around tons of girls that like you so, again, I wouldn't do that
  4. you probably shoudn't do that, even though I'll admit that both of those games are very good
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  5. PeterGrip

    PeterGrip Fapstronaut

    Look, you even said it yourself. You think there might be something wrong with it. You should sit down and think about what looking at those girls does to you. Be honest. Don't take our word on how you should feel about it, figure it out yourself. When you create an opinion yourself, you're much more likely to stick to it. Just my 2 cents. Good luck :)
  6. ElderStatesman

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  7. Davikch

    Davikch Fapstronaut

    Looking at beautifully drawn females will fill my mind with them?

    According to this mindset, I shouldn't look at women because my mind will be filled with them?
  8. Rents77

    Rents77 Fapstronaut

    My Facebook feed is full of memes about Silent Hill and the big woman there.

    As big of a hyperbole it is, there's definitely a reason for them to surface.
  9. Davikch

    Davikch Fapstronaut

    But "big woman" is, apparantly, more dangerous than fully clothed demons from helltaker.
  10. Starshower

    Starshower Fapstronaut

    You said aesthetically, so okay. Do you normally end up relapsing when you look at females for "aesthetically"? If so then take a break and let your brain reboot a bit. Are you sitting there just gawking at the artwork? Surely there are more productive things to do! On another note I can't help but wonder who you main in Skullgirls lol. I'm currently using Double and Eliza.
  11. Davikch

    Davikch Fapstronaut

    I main Squigly.

    Of course I do not masturbate while playing the game! I don't look at the artwork that much, I just play the game. Too lazy to not be beaten up in multiplayer though
  12. Randy Andy

    Randy Andy Fapstronaut

    I used to use porn in many forms because it wasn't the medium I was drawn to it was sexual stimulation. And I used non porn as porn here that's called a p sub. It was about my thinking more than what was seen or not seen, whether it was a still image or video, cartoon real or photography, silly details compared to my desirous mental process. So if I participated in things that trigger that conditioning (I conditioned myself as effectively as pavlovs dogs only difference is I didn't mean to or know I was doing so) i would either use pm+ like a drug or feel very unhappy about and uncomfortable in my sobriety.
    One thing that helps me is to back up a couple steps and question my thinking.
  13. ^ key point.

    This is what has to be done if you want to get past a dead end logic of "is this bad"? that prompts a yes or no answer. (and then what?)

    Instead of framing it that way, it would be helpful to think in terms of what does one behavior lead to, and what that next step leads to and so on to get a bigger picture - and question why you think that way.

    Even if someone doesn't go to another vice (although sometimes some are not as obvious like just eating junk food while indulging in one habit or another, even if you don't consider it an addiction) it's an entirely different, open ended question to ask WHY you like drawn women - or anything. I saw a very wholesome photo of a fully clothed woman the other day, something nobody would consider porn and while I was really taken by it I realize it's the combination of the person in that moment, in that context AND photography with the lighting and so forth. I don't know that person, even if I like the visual representation of her on the screen, which wasn't even what the vast majority of people would consider sexual, nor was her body shape actually. So WHY did I fall so in love with it? It's all of those things and how it works together. Yes there's this woman out there somewhere, but this was simply a still shot of a particular moment at a particular place, by a certain photographer. She may have gotten fatter or thinner, look totally different, I don't know what her voice sounds like or what she likes or what she IS like in terms of personality.

    Life is nuanced and complex, and that's what makes it great. Media is reductionistic, just on the basis that it's focused on one or two senses (auditory/visual or just visual) and is not about a whole person. We're robbing ourselves of the full beauty of human personhood if we always limit our perception to what we see and hear, whether it's drawn or recorded visual/video, regardless of how much emotionally positive projection we can bring to it.
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  14. Part of my recovery from this auction had been through the fellowship of SA, and I've found through that that any lust trigger is toxic to me - that allowing myself to engage with anything is the first step in a path to over place.

    You might be able to get off that path before losing your sexual sobriety; that path might be months long; depending on your P/M/O criteria, it might not be a problem for you. But what I can say for me is that taking that first look would be very dangerous. Personally, I'd avoid it.
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  15. brassknucks

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    Yes, they are. They are thirst trappers, whose egos get off at the thought of you beating off to them, like the biblical Corinthian worship of a female Sex deity. Its the modern day equivalent of temple sex worship but more pathetic because you’re not having sex, you’re just beating your meat to them.

    Man up and give no attention to any of these e-thots.
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  16. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    At the beginning of your streak yes avoid looking at girls if you are more strong you can have more freedom, take baby steps.

    Also better not to play those video games
  17. ElderStatesman

    ElderStatesman Fapstronaut

    Addicts have failings, but also special expertise: We’re excellent at finding more of our drug no matter what. And at lying both to others and ourselves.

    There’s disagreement over whether excessive porn use is an actual addiction. If you are here, a likely guess would be you believe, as I do, that it is. What does that mean? Well, maybe this: Using your drug is relapse. Intentionally seeking it is the quickest way to get there.

    Provocative images, whether hardcore video of sexual acts, or supposedly more innocent images such as scantily dressed women in video games are your drug. An alcoholic isn’t in recovery just because he’s sipping Chablis instead of guzzling aftershave.

    Rather than considering abstractions such “nuance”, “context” or a supposed stage in the recovery process, decide if you really want to quit using sexual stimulation as your drug and then actually stop.

    Does this sound too absolute or closed or simple minded? Sorry. And good luck with trying to make this complicated in order to justify looking at stuff. You’re either on the bus or off the bus.
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