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Are the 10 commandments equal?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Deleted Account, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Gotcha, I havent really read the other replies.

    I dont really know if that's true or not, because I'm not Catholic. But I believe that's the correct interpretation of the Word.

    Yeah, I get what you mean. I think we agree for the most part on this. It might just be an issue of semantics.

    No need to apologize for that! That's what everybody should do. You should always question everything you don't understand.

    No problem! I hope you don't decide to stop talking about it completely, but it can be good to know who to talk to about stuff like that. People who are supportive and kind and willing to discuss tough subjects without getting too heated or judgemental.
  2. I'm agnostic at heart, so a lot of my arguments come from there. I do believe in God though.
  3. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    you believe that God created a universe for no reason?
  4. ABSOLUTELY! At least, no reason we would have any reason to be able to reason about.
  5. Ahh see we don't have the same view on what "God" is. That's why I use quotations around the name. I think "God" simply created the universe. I say this bc life itself on a biological level is an absolute miracle. And I DONT use that terminology "miracle" lightly. But i don't believe "God" had or has a specific plan necessarily.

    See you have to define "God" to further delve into this convo. I, for one, don't view "God" as a human being or having personificated characteristics. I think religions personify him to make him more relatable. And they do this bc "God" is a force that we simply cannot understand.

    So did/does "God" have a plan? Most likely bc life IS a miracle, we arent here by random probability. But we were a by-product of the universe being created. So I think "God" had a plan and I think we're living it. The purpose of creating a universe is to create a universe, is it possible that is the purpose. We exist. It's a pretty big accomplishment. And we're doing just fine.

    AND this is where I step into this lovely topic. But I believe there's an infinite amount of universes (and that's not an unknown thought). I think "God" created all of these. That means there's infinite possibilities. But to delve into that would be highly confusing and controversial.
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  6. If God is all you say he is, then does he really need a reason?
  7. Was this directed at me and what I said last or someone else?

    He doesn't need a reason. In fact, creating a universe is a damn good reason
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  8. I'll leave you on one more thought. Can God tell the future or control the future? Alright. Now I'm going out for the night but I'll be on later maybe, in neither a drunken nor sober state
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  9. @wethebest The other guy. :) Go to sleep or something
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  10. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    :emoji_thumbsup:I completely agree
    If God is what I say He is and I am convinced He is, yes. Everything has a reason.
    Thank you for pointing out a reason why God may have created the universe.
    Here is a quote from CS Lewis on time:
  11. If God is unchanging then God would not be subject to time. Sine we are subject to change we are subject to time. Only what is eternal can be ever present. A nun once said that “the present moment is the moment that touches eternity” because only the present moment has the nature of what eternity is like (void of a past or future).
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  12. Which science would you like to use? Theology?, philosophy?, natural sciences? If you’re wanting to approach the nature of a God on a natural science level then you might as well stop talking right now since you cannot measure what is spiritual.
  13. Approach a question of morality scientifically? Why?

    CORAZZON Fapstronaut

    As many has said before in this thread, all sin is still sin. It's still a form of evil.

    God wants us to resist the temptation to sin because he knows a path of sin leads to evil. It corrupts your spirit.

    Now I'm no expert on spiritual literature, and I dont go to church, but I do believe in God and I do believe establishing and maintaining a good relationship with him, in your own way, is critical to living a life of fulfillment and joy.

    As far as commandmants and sin being equal, I personally believe that there are different "levels" of sin. Watching porn, masturbating is a sin. As many of you know and have felt, it changes the way you view life after.

    Murder is a sin, and I think it would be a lot harder to cleanse your soul of a murder than it would be to cleanse it of lust.

    I'll leave you guys with this, when I was child and went to church and did confessions regularly, I specifically remember the priest telling me to say X number of Hail Mary's, or the Lords Prayer, etc, depending on what sins I confessed to.

    So yes, I believe somewhere in God's system, He has different "levels" of sin. If I find something to support this, I'll reply with what I find.

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