Are the effects of NoFap different with each age group?

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  1. If an over 40s guy was to do NoFap, would the benefits be significantly less than a guy who's in their 20s and doing NoFap? Would the energy output be directed in a different way as well? For example, a guy in their 20s may use this to get a job, whereas a guy in his 40s may use this to keep his job. The guy in his 20s is not yet established, but has plenty of hormones as he's in his youth. So he'll naturally be able to get more shit done.

    Otherwise, would this older guy be able to use his energy more responsibly? A teenager may use his powers to go to parties and completely destroy the progress he's made on his body with alcohol. An adult male with use the willpower to get off the drink, go to the gym and make more rational and responsible decisions. I ask this because I saw one post on one of the quitting porn websites awhile ago, where a guy said that they got kicked out of school for doing something stupid with the science equipment. Maybe teenagers who do NoFap may experience a greater amount of maturity compared to others.

    I don't know, what's your experience with this? Could the benefits be much greater due to the maturity of the hormones? Or as I said, could they be more concentrated into completing one goal? Do the benefits change as you get older? If the rebooting process is harder as you get older, then are the benefits of NoFap experienced with greater force and more strength? Am I asking too many questions?
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    I'm actually just 15 but I can give my opinion about this, NoFap benefits people in different ways no matter what the age group is ,it can benefit a teen because it'll help him in stuff like studies and exploring his/her hidden talents and it'll will give him more wisdom on how he/she will handle his/her kids in the future , it can benefit a person in the age group of 18-30 will have benefits in their work and a better relationship with their spouse or their girlfriend/boyfriend(that applies to teenagers below 18 years too). I don't know much about the age group above 30 years but it'll make them more efficient in their work and NoFap benefits all age groups in terms of social skills , more efficiency in exercising and their respective work and it won't create any problems while having an intercourse with their respective romantic partners, that's all I know. Oh and it'll also improve their relationship with their children in the age group of above 25(the usual average).
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