Are there some downsides to resensitizing?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Bigwanker, Aug 19, 2019.

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    Resensitization is probably the biggest thing the majority of guys on this hope to accomplish. We have become so desensitized through years of heavy PMO use that now we can't get an erection just from touch alone, we don't get morning wood, we don't get turned on by vanilla porn or pictures, and the most devastating one of all, we don't get turned on and can't get or maintain an erection when with a real woman. These are the things that are happening to men caused from years of PMO use.

    So resensitization is what guys suffering with PIED want. We want to be able to get an maintain an erection easily, we want to be able to get and maintain an erection when with a real woman. But in order for us to get and maintain an erection easily and with a real woman, this means we must get turned on easily, this means we must be very sensitized.

    Basically I used to be so desensitized that I needed hardcore, extreme, weird porn to turn me on, I needed to be flicking through hundreds of different content to stay aroused. I wasn't turned on masturbating just looking at vanilla porn or images, I wasn't turned on by just using my imagination, I needed the hardcore type porn and I needed the constant novelty of searching to remain aroused. I was very desensitized.

    But something I have noticed the longer I have been on this journey is I am now waking up with morning wood, I can get erections a lot of the time just with touch, I do get aroused and can maintain an erection just masturbating to my thoughts, or masturbating to just images.

    The issue with this though is I feel it is much more easier to relapse if I am as turned on as easily. If all I need to do is think of something sexual and I am turned on basically as much as I used to be when I used to PMO. If looking at a social media image turns me on as much as hardcore porn content.

    I just feel like it is actually easier to relapse being turned on so easily.
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    lmao feeling like it is easier to relapse isn't a downside. that is just a consequence of success. ultimately its up to you if you relapse and if you don't that downside ceases to exist.
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