Are these thoughts normal?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by james harden rockets fan13, Jul 23, 2020.

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    Before i explain my situation, some background information. I have LOts of friends, i am probably the most popular kid in my school going into my senior year of high school. always been a ladies man , i have no problem asking a pretty girl i see in public for her snap or number, my only problem is that i am still stuck on my ex girlfriend and miss her dearly, no relationship has been the same after she left me. never had any doubts about my sexuality before, but i have had a serious porn problem for almost two years now. and lately i have tried to stop masturbating and watching porn but i have started to have these homosexual thoughts and fantasies that repulse me and sometimes provoke gagging because i am so disgusted and ashamed of myself for thinking these things. can porn do this to you? the further i get into my nofap journey will these awful thoughts go away? because i really do not believe that i am gay because i have never felt aroused around a man, and have felt aroused around a woman plenty of times. i am just concerned that these thoughts are going to mentally deteriorate me to the point that I don't want to be friends with other men. can someone please help me?
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    Yes it can and it does. It's similar to doing drugs, you need more and more stronger sh!t as time goes by. Same with porn, in time you'd even find yourself going after illegal sh!t to get the high from it.

    Yes, they will. Check out success stories section to see dozens and dozens of people who get their mindset right.

    Staying away is going to help you, don't keep degrading yourself in this vicious cycle, you wouldn't get out, unless you actually try to get out and walk away.
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    MSH probably said all that needs to be said.
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    It can be an effect of porn just like you can be discovering your sexuality. I see no reason to worry if you are bisexual. Worry about your recovery. That answer will come at the end of the journey.
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    If you're disgusted by those thoughts then you aren't gay. I think you might have HOCD.
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    Porn addiction is a very bad addiction!

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