Are we limited by our genes ?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Mr.Tony, Feb 4, 2021.

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    There is no beloved person in our childhood and youth than our own parents, they give us everything and protected us, they were the only people who truely loved us and want us to be better than them.

    I lost them both, i feel like i wasn'y really that great to give them a great life they deserved, my mother died when i was 17 years old, recently after ten years, i just lost my father, i hate being dramatic but that really made me feel extremely lonely asking philosophical unanswer questions.

    I recently searched on how to achieve maximum potential, i read about extremly productive people that lived throughout this life (Nikola Tesla - Leonardo Da Vinci - Elon Musk ).

    I went through some of depression due to my Father's week three weeks ago, i felt like i've lost everything. Especially that i made a promisse on his dead body that i'll become successful and take care of our little farm ( It has a Family history Father & Son Heritage ).

    I decided to go on a Suicidal Mode, to give my maximum everyday, that's when i discovered there is a limite to my body.

    I wanted to make him proud of me, there was a very very strong relation between us God rest his lovely soul.

    Recently, I had a hradache in my back head. Probably something related to the nerves for like 2 days, i can sleep. It goes away when i apply so a warm towel to it. I hope it wont be anything serious.

    I tried doing some spirituality and meditation this morning so i can calm down a little bit, i just wanted to be that perfect Son,Friend,Brother,Father,Husband that will make your life heavenly.

    Thank you my friend for reading up to this point, I really appreciated your concern, Thank you.
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    Stress on the body can manifest in many ways, I can understand your determination of wanting to make your father proud and being the best you can be, but no one can take on that toll without a cost.

    I don't want to be insensitive, but he's not here to see you succeed and achieve your goals, he can't appreciate the things you're doing, living for his benefit doesn't do you any good. You need to live for yourself, I mean If you want to keep the farm going that's great, but is it really what YOU want, will it make you happy, do you have anyone to share it with?

    I think your father would prefer see you happy, rather than slowly killing yourself- toiling away and not really living.

    Take a break once in a while, relax.
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    That is touching. I've experienced something similar with my grandpa when I was little.
    You are motivated and your motivation is pure and good. That's a good thing.
    Yet, don't go so hard that you wreck yourself. If you believe you've reached your limit, then you should know it and respect it. Surpass it and there will be consequences on your mind and body.
    In the long run, consistency > intensity, generally speaking. A bricklayer that places 50 bricks every day builds faster than one who lays down 100 bricks three times a week.
    May you reach all the destinations you are traveling towards.
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    Thanks for posting. I want to go on "suicidal mode" too ... which means for me give the best best best as I am dying
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    No he didnt had the perfect tools to begin with, he was poor, weak, his father was a drugged alcoholic , his mum was also poor, and none of the family had history to be good at sports!

    He worked hard very hard to get to the top , talent isnt enough , even less talented guys can go to the top

    One example of that was Cr7 teammate at Sporting, Fábio Paim, he was a very very talented player , but was lazy , had no mentallity , went to chelsea ruined his carrer and now he plays on luxemburg second division i think

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