Are we serious enough?

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    Hey guys, I just want to say that I've been bingeing pretty hard lately. Every day, few times. Now, I do want to quit this since it makes me feel even more bad about myself, then I already do. It's a short relief, which makes me feel good and it is hard to part with that pleasure. Very few things give that kind of a kick. I am just pondering and assuming that everyone who wants to quit and doesn't isn't serious enough. I simply want the benefits of Nofap, without putting in the work since I can get away with it. But I can get away with only so much... Nearly 10 years with this addiction now and it has had unpleasant damage on my life. 10 more years and I can see that the damage will be irreversible and intolerable. Sure I would be alive, but the thought that I have had the chance to quit this and better myself would be crushing. I really need to get more serious and treat this addiction with the attitude it deserves - complete intolerance if I want a dignified life. So yeah, let's try to be honest with ourselves, try to point all the bullshit that we've been using for an excuse and get real serious about this.
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