Are women the weaker sex?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Julius93, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Julius93

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    Women are referred to as the weaker sex sometimes. They are physically not as strong as man. Their way of thinking is … feminine. However, when I explore these forums, I see that women don't get addicted to porn as easily as men do. Most women on this website are here because of the addiction of their SO. They are here because of men and not because of what they do. The women that are actually addicted to PMO, get rid of their addiction more easiliy than men do. Why?
  2. You have many assumptions and generalizations in your statements. There's no data to back up your theory that women get rid of their addiction easier or that they don't get addicted as easily.
  3. Hitto

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    Lol that’s a broad generalization and women are emotionally stronger and intelligent than men in most cases and have better intuition than men but I could be wrong but I know strength can lie in many areas of ones life I can lift a lot of weight but when comes to dealing with rejection I’m weaker than some people in that area regardless of being male or female that’s what I’m trying to work on but at end of the day we are all individuals with different strengths and weaknesses
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  4. Julius93

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    Hey Jen,

    Do you remember me, old friend? What I said is based on my own experience here. I have been active for a while and read several stories and spoke to several members. My story can be partially supported by what this very website states about the distribution of its members:

    "Ninety-seven percent of the community is male, while three percent are women. These statistics include individuals who explicitly identified themselves as transgender, though very few did."
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  5. That’s to say more is better, so with that direction you will assume women stronger. Everything is as it’s suppose to be, nature is perfect.
  6. One of the reasons there are fewer female members is probably because it's more acceptable for a man to have a PMO addiction than a woman. There is a shame for men who have it but there's an even greater shame for women. There is a belief that women hate sex, so if a woman were to admit to a PMO addiction there is a fear she won't be believed, because why would someone who believes women hate sex think a woman could be addicted to porn.
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    It also may be the difference in our sexual drives. I know that most men are visually stimulated, and are more geared towards looks in some cases than in the actual relationship itself. Women's sexual drive is (from what I understand) more complex, more intertwined with an intense need and desire for intimacy, to be wanted, etc. . . This is why Erotic Novels are disproportionately more popular among women than men. Of course women DO get hooked on pornography, but it may be less appealing to them. That combined with the fact that our culture is SUPER SEX SATURATED, specifically with the female body, it may be that it's just easier for men to get aroused throughout the real world and the internet than women. I mean, what are you more likely to see, a women's fashion mag or some random model on a billboard/ad, or a calvin klein ad of a dude with a six pack? You know what I mean? It would be like how men still got addicted to pornography before internet porn, but you had to seek it out in porn shops or movie theatres. If there's no hook (the first visual stimulus, ie. the ads, or youtube videos, whatever), there's no catch (the addiction).
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  8. Julius93

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    I actually had permission from a moderator to continue my discussion of this subject here. Since a post of mine was labelled as misogynistic (which I disagree with), I would like to mention the definition of misogyny that can be found in the (online) oxford dictionary just in order get uncertainties out of the way:

    Dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

    My judgement of the matter will be based on generalities regarding the two genders. None of these generalities regarding the female sex will be based on misogyny (see definition). If it is just my perception of the matter, I will state that also. If some women don't like the content of this thread, they should just leave it and worry about their own issues instead.
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  9. Julius93

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    The main reason why there are members at all is because of the anonymity. That holds for both genders and should not be an issue online.
  10. Julius93

    Julius93 Fapstronaut

    I think that your first point explains the second. It is known that males are generally more visually stimulated compared to females. That explains why most content is made for males instead. Although, there is porn out there that is made specifically for females. Your point might exlain why females do not get addicted as easily, but don't explain the second point provided that it's valid. They get rid of it more easily. That's just a matter of perception, but I know some females that haven't relapsed since the moment they signed up. Ofcourse, there are some females that face difficulties, but it seems to me like females recover more quickly than males.
  11. Julius93

    Julius93 Fapstronaut

    I don't think you are actually willing to reveal your idenitity here to prove your point and I don't think many of us do at all. There are a few exceptions I know of. Furthermore, the generalizations on your page are not of the same nature of the generalizations I made in this thread so far. Note the difference.
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  12. Julius93

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    Try to end each sentence with a dot next time. How are women emotionally stronger than men? How are they more intelligent than men?
  13. That may be your opinion or your perception Hitto, but I am unconvinced. There are any number of situations in life where emotions run high or even just stress and women will often break down in tears. My observations are that men are not so likely to do so. They seem stronger to me. As for intelligence, I have no idea. I wouldn't think there is much difference between the intelligence of women and men. Some might even dispute that IQ is the best way to determine this. To me, the weaker sex is simply a phrase relating to less physical strength. This is easily demonstrated in sport. In sports in which women participate, their competition is only among themselves because they cannot compete with men physically.
  14. truthseeker17

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    A women is more emotional in terms of love and care. Nothing gets between the relationship of a mother and a child. That's the strength of a women which a man doesn't have. Women especially emotionally can take care of themselves very very well. They are very strong minded and can handle a huge amount of stress and mess without breaking. Notice they will bear this all without giving away a glimps. Women are also in terms of smartness equel to men. They tend sometimes to choose emotionally but this doesn't mean they are not smart.

    Women are beautiful and complete men. Men want and need women. Men need women I can't emphasize this enough. Men need women more then women need men. Now which of us is weaker? I feel if you would do a overal stating we would be equel if not weaker. Do never forget that behind every succesful men there is a women!
  15. vitatertot

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    Like I said earlier, WHAT drives our sex drives would explain why women quit easier. Most everyone that watches porn does it to fill a void, to fill an emotional need. That is why almost all people who successfully quit focus on inner healing rather than just filters and "rebooting streaks". For Men, our drive is visually fueled, and we view sex in a lot of terms visually. So for guys, when we're feeling lonely, we look for visual stimulus. For women, their sex drive is emotionally and connection based. Porn literally does nothing for that. It may be that they literally just don't get same "sex" high that we get from watching it. Someone made a point that if we were just addicted to the dopamine, we would just masturbate. But we're addicted to the "surge" we get from watching porn, because it sexually stimulates us. For any women out there, do you get that sexual "surge" from watching porn that you don't get from just masturbating? If not, that would explain why it's so easy for women to quit.
  16. Julius93

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    That's interesting. You are both (somewhat) right and I understand what you both mean, but I don't know how these two elements are related.
  17. Vulkan

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    Men and women should not compete, but complete each other, there is no weaker sex.
    Most men are more easily visually aroused than women, but there are exceptions I believe, for example the women here who are addicted to porn too. So it´s a good thing that many women are willing to help us to get rid of porn.
  18. Julius93

    Julius93 Fapstronaut

    I have met some amazing female members here. They kept pushing me forward with a lot of things by just providing that little bit of mental stength needed, without demanding any support in return.
  19. Freedom Jacques

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    Wow...are some of the people on this post playing dumb or is it for real? Please stop with the politically correct nonsense. I didnt think Id see something so silly on this website. Men are more physically driven than women. Facts. We have different hormones. Facts. Those hormones can and do draw us towards certain behaviours. Facts. The fact that someone can quote the statistic that 97% of the people on this site are men and someone else says that because its more acceptable for men is ridiculous. Its not acceptable either way and thats why were here. Men are different. Our hormones make us wilder. Generally, women's hormones make them more emotional. We can see this in the world around us. To accuse someone whos asking a genuine question of misogyny is cruel and ignorant. We all love women. Maybe a little too much. But most women do not have the same physical drive than men. Different hormones. Also, women are more careful about sex and sexual things because for a woman, sex leads to pregnancy. Therefore theyre more likely to think things through. It may be a stereotype but most men think with their dicks. We all know this. Why are we lying to ourselves? Please STOP holding us to this female standard of behaviour and making men feel abnormal or alien for feeling more sexually frustrated than the majority of women around us. We are different.

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