Are women the weaker sex?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Julius93, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Obviously women suffer from pmo addiction too etc etc. But when you take addicts in general, whether that be for drugs, porn or alcohol, youll find the majority of them are always men. Men are more likely to obsess over things and have addictive behaviours. And having something between your legs that stands to attention every morning doesnt help either.
  2. Ahhhh no.

    I’m 50 years old never married and no girlfriend. I’m a successful aircraft mechanic with a good income, my own house, and I travel quite a bit. No woman helped me to get where I am today.

    I don’t NEED a woman in my life. I WANT a woman in my life to share life experiences but saying we need a woman to be successful is utter PC nonsense.
  3. If only that were true. Plenty of children are damaged by the revolving door of boyfriends of their divorced or single moms. (Not all of the moms are like this, of course. Some are very careful.) In fact, children are most safe with their biological fathers, and least safe with the revolving door guys.
  4. That would be most visual content. The romance novels, known as "Bodice-rippers", are an enormous industry - and those are pretty much exclusively for women.
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    Hmm you must have had some sort of relationship or contact with a women in your life and or are still having. There is a craving inside us which wants a women for emotional support and physical pleasure. Also I am talking about the majority of us. You might be among the minority or hetrosexual(no offense tho) which is still a minority but you get me.

    Talking about succes .. for me being with my wife is better then having all the riches in the world. The content feeling and peace of mind are just not describable. If people would only understand the importance of women and be good to them give them their rights alot of the problems would be solved! To begin with this whole PMO.

    Like I said before there are exceptions and minorities. There are physically really strong women who could lift more the majority of men. This doesn't mean all women are strong. same goes for what you described.
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  6. I stated in my post I don’t NEED a woman in my life but I do WANT a woman in my life. I stick with my statement that I didn’t need and I still don’t need a woman to be successful.

    Women are a compliment to a good life. They are NOT a necessity which is what this PC feminist society wants us to believe.

    I love women, hope to be with a good woman someday, but I think I’m the one with the realistic view here. Women are great but not an absolute requirement to live a successful life.
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  7. The military has found that in their strength and endurance tests, the 50th percentile man is equal to or better than the 95th percentile woman.

    You may wish to choose a better analogy. ;)
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  8. I do know of women who have sometimes felt uncomfortable here - some of the male members don't fully appreciate the presence of women here when the men want to tell all, and have said so. Or the women will receive PMs which are against the spirit of this place, and make them uncomfortable.

    I don't think that fully explains the 97% male membership, however.

    Other possibilities:

    "PIED" isn't as obvious in women. They don't have to achieve an erection for intercourse; lack of lubricant can be remedied; and many women fake orgasms, even if they don't have a PMO issue. And women are not by stereotype supposed to ready to go anytime, anywhere, that the opportunity arises. So the crisis that brings so many men here may not be as obvious in women.

    And I do think the "acceptance" of men using porn at all - right or wrong - plays a part as well.
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    Thank you for your response. You have said in your two posts what I could not say. However, I still don't know about men getting addicted more easiliy in general than women. Do you have anything to back that up?
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  10. Well i've seen a lot of men who are clearly weaker than women emotionally and physically so i don't think you can generalise 'who is the weaker sex' each has their own vices and virtues and who ever said there was a competition anyway? what's the prize for winning the stronger sex competition? do you get to climb a mountain and beat your chest whilst howling at the moon?
  11. The phrase "weaker sex" is certainly an archaic one. I've also met women that had a lot more persistence and perseverance than myself, able to handle a lot of stressful relational issues better than my self, and could clearly kick my ass physically if they wanted.

    But like you I'm not in a competition either. I am just hoping some woman someday will like me enough to say more than hi and bye to me!!! LOL!!!
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    None of us would actually exist if there were no women. Don't forget about the fact that the person that carried you for 9 months is a woman. Regarding this fact, both sexes trivially depend on each other. If we regard that first stage of life, we would be forced to conclude that we depend more on women than men. The conclusion is that you actually need a woman in your life.

    I agree with you on the fact that you don't need a woman in your life for everything. Then again, that's not really the subject we are discussing.
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  13. The main question about women being the weaker sex is a good one. I think the answer shows a lot about a person’s views about women.

    I say that there is no weaker sex. Men and women have their strengths and weaknesses and can compliment each other very well if it’s a good relationship. If it’s a bad relationship, the two people can end up not getting much at all accomplished since they’re battling each other.

    I like these type of questions that have the potential of getting emotions stirred up. Makes for a lively and interesting board.
  14. Yes, it is a distribution for each gender, with a lot of overlap, especially on the emotional side of things.
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    If the latter is true, you probably have a problem to work on.
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    This thread seems to be the opposite of what I appreciate about this forum. Regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, creed, and religion, we should promote a forum of acceptance, love and helpfulness.

    Anything that undermines and belittles someone’s addiction is dangerous. Some People on here have taken their addiction so far that they’re depressed and more than a few I’ve talked to have become suicidal because of this sickness.

    So whether men or women, we can’t assume anyone is doing ok quickly or not unless they tell us they are. And either way it doesn’t really matter. We’re here to help each other avoid this sickness. So promoting an atmosphere of acceptance and love for all is vitally important.

    Even one thread that discusses things that separate the community might cause a seemingly hopeless person man or women, to leave without hearing what they needed to save their lives.

    So let’s keep this as loving and helpful as possible so we can all recover from this addiction, together.

    That said, there are plenty of statistics about gender and sexual addiction already online. A quick google search should show you some of them. Less women tend to be addicted to porn than men. “Why” hasn’t been answered yet, and doesn’t really matter I think. Research Dr. Carnes of you want to learn more behind the science. Opinions aren’t good to have if you aren’t willing to change them. Cuz what we once thought was true might not be true and knowledge will change our perspective on things.

    Oh and your claim that women get sober quicker than men, I haven’t read any evidence that this is true. But if this I would say it’s because men are stubborn, thick headed, and full of macho false pride to even hear the solution being told to them let alone take action to change.

    I have cried nearly every day of my sobriety so far...and I’m still sober....and haven’t relapse...and I do a crap tone of daily work so I hopefully stay sober...I don’t think sobriety comes easy to anyone. I think it takes honesty, and humility and a willingness to feel feelings without running from them. Generally women are more emotionally intelligent than men, so they might have a leg up on is with that.

    But I think it’s an acceptance to our situation and a willingness to do the work to stay sober on a daily basis. And both men and women won’t stay sober long if we don’t do the work to change our thinking.
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    I have read somewhere that women seek help more quickly than men when it comes to addiction. I don't know wheter they reocer more easiliy. That was just a matter of my own perception. All the male members that started NoFap around the time when I signed up here have relapsed several times and still struggling. Some of the females that I know have been quite successful (with a few exceptions). Reading through some journals here seems to confirm the truthfulness of that obervation. That doesn't say much ofcourse. It's why I opened this thread. If you have some interesting papers on this matter, feel free to share them.
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    We are only trying to find out who needs more help. Why so negative? No female member has complained about this thread yet.
  19. Jen didn't seem that pleased by it. The fact of the matter is if you start a negative thread you'll get negative responses.

    There could be many reasons for more women not joining this forum. Maybe they think it's just for men or don't feel comfortable coming here/ Maybe women view threads without joining and get put off by the sexist threads that have been posted on this forum. There also other forums like Reboot Nation... I know there also a Christian one as well. There might even be a forum just for women PMOA and I can imagine many women would prefer forums just for women PMOA. From my experience men always outnumber women on most forums I've been a part of. More men probably have this addiction than women but the numbers for women addicted I expect are higher than most people think. It should also be said to say it's for women isn't true, just read some of the female journals and you'll find it's just as hard for them.
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    I don't believe that she even cares about this thread. I believe that she isn't pleased with me.

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