Are you guys here for the reboot, or are you done for good ?

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by johnmicormick, Jan 1, 2020.

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    For all good, against all bad
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  4. Espi1971

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    I never want to do P or M again. Ever.
  5. engelman

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  6. For good. The negative effects of PMO are just not worth it anymore.
  7. I just want to beat this addiction.
  8. blademaster87

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    My ultimate goal is to forget porn forever and try to turn all the sexuality in my life into something spiritual and loveful.
  9. As above so below ... I too want to be free from a secret life of smut, dishonesty, disloyalty, low self esteem and lack of self control.
  10. Rehab_warrior

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  11. I have quit P. Close to 90 days no P, M, and O. Looking forward to having a healthy and natural relationship with M and O again. When I kicked off "nofap," I had no clue how I would even go one day without PMO. Then after the first day, I had decided to take it day by day...and now to my astonishment, soon 90 days of no PMO is around the corner.

    I intended to get MO and separated from the P part. I am realizing that this connection wasn't healthy at all. Now, I'm looking forward to enjoying the MO part again. Partly, on my own, as well as together with my wife. Thus, as soon as she's doing better, physically, and mentally.

    The last close to 90 days have been one of the best decisions made. The results and consequences have been tremendous, and I can highly recommend lasting for at least 90 days.
  12. Every day, I choose not to P or M. I also want to keep all forms of O to a minimum, although I don't prohibit myself from sex altogether.
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  13. skibum71

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    No, I know I will pmo again. To be honest I was a vanilla porn 3/4 times a week guy, so it wasn't like it was tearing my life apart. I've relapsed maybe 10 times in 18 months, after each relapse I'm a bit disappointed in myself for 10 mins but that's it. If I can be pmo free 49 days out of 50 that's good enough for me. Longest streak was 150 days and honestly it felt no different to 5 days.
  14. For absolute good. I'm ready to create my own reality and attract good energy.
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  15. Nicko Stretch

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    By abstaining from PM and O I have discovered a whole new world of sexual sensation I was unaware of . When I make love now I feel low level orgasmic feelings from almost the start. Waves of pleasure and sensation running up and down my entire body. I do not need O to have amazing sex.
    By desexualising my thinking I can have honest relationships with all the people around me without the shame of knowing that I have fantasised about their bodies. This gives me massive confidence.
    M, I just used to self sooth when I had to deal with difficult feelings or circumstances. M for me was just a way to release happy neurotransmitters into my brain to get myself high.That is why I was addicted to it.
    Sex is now reserved for when I am with my wife. I avoid fantasy when with her and try to stay in the present so I can feel the amazing array of sensations provided by being intimate with my wife.
    The great thing is that all I have to do now is hug and kiss her and I get the same mild orgasmic feelings running through my body.
    I know I may O again, but my intention is not to. I see it as a step backwards. My body appears to be doing a good job of regulating ejaculation with a wet dream about every month, so i have no health concerns.
    This is an amazing journey!!
  16. for good, I feel way too good to go back.
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  17. CodeTalker

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    Tasting freedom and wanting to be a slave again ? I don’t think so. I’m here for good.
  18. ANewFocus

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    I want for good, but I haven’t shown it in my actions yet. I am still struggling to give in regularly. I admire and am grateful for those with the desire and actions to move on forever.
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  19. Dim Meadow

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    I want to be here for good but I might fail in the future. Who knows? Worst case scenario I should have a reboot under my belt by the time I reset.
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  20. I don’t want any part of pmo ever again
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