Are you reading more and reading better now?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Ogikubo, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. I kicked PMO on Jan 20. When I hit a month, it will be longest period in my entire life, and I mean decades addicted to PMO. I am 55.
    Suddenly, I can read more and I can read better. I do not fall asleep within five or ten minutes of opening a book now. I even quietly read the books aloud to get the full impact. I had no idea this kind of benefit would occur. I am thankful for it.
    Anybody else?
  2. Zillion

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    In my case i had many and other addictions apart from PMO such as addicted very much to YOUTUBE..
    now im able to overcome, and watch only very few videos or informative content..

    Yes minimizing the distraction or staying away from instant gratification will open up preference or give us opportunity to pursue much more proactive jobs
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  3. WretchedBoy

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    Reading definitely increased for me too! I loved reading when I was younger but then (parallel to increasing P consume) it kinda stopped to catch me the way it used to. The last few years I never really got into reading again.

    Today is my 100th day without P and just yesterday I spent one and a half hour reading a novel like I was a kid again. It totally kicked me and for the first time since years I can´t wait to pick up the book again.
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  4. Thank you for replying and congrats on hitting the 100th day! I agree, I am reading with the enthusiasm of a kid! Everything I have told people in a hollow way about reading suddenly feels true again.
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  5. WretchedBoy

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    Same occurs to me according to music, movies, sports and meeting friends by the way. All the magic and excitement from the good old days slowly comes back.
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  6. Yes, I too read much better and find reading much more enjoyable when I'm staying away from PMO and other instant gratification activities. I believe this is because instant gratification activities release much more dopamine than reading, think about it, you could have four or five tabs of porn or youtube or reddit posts open, your brain is constantly stimulated to the point of exhaustion. Reading forces you to focus on one thing, in a way it's meditative. Reading is one of the main habits i've picked up and it definitely helps a lot.
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  7. What a great way of putting it! Thanks for the very perceptive comment!
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  8. Kurokami

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    Hello. Do you think that reading can help in the recovery process?
  9. PegasusKid

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    I think reading in general just helps with a lot of things in life, including nofap for sure. A lot of the time when i get urges i just read. Its slow, relaxing and not so stimulating, and i usually end up learning a lot or discovering a new kind of story.

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