Aren't We All Hypocrites?

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  1. My other thread got me thinking, in some way or another aren't we all hypocrites?

    Doesn't the internet cause us to be greater hypocrites? Isn't it easy to write something on social media or a forum that will cause us to be hypocrites? We see this with public figures on Twitter and Instagram - people saying one thing and then doing another.

    Isn't every man a walking contradiction?

    To be a hypocrite and a contradiction is to be a human being. - Derek Webb

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    Yes, although we are indirectly/unintentionally.

    We all know air pollution’s bad, but many of us still drive vehicles that release pollution, or buy stuff that was manufactured with terrible byproducts. That’s one case of hypocrisy, although we don’t do it intentionally or we don’t think twice about it.
  3. Now I really feel like an a--hole.
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    Ahh, definitely not my intention! Sorry! Though I do believe we need to have a good balance between the environment and development/economics in order to have the best quality of life, and not one side or the other.

    Trash like plastic should be more biodegradable if we have the technology to do that, though
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  5. No, we’re not all hypocrites.
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    I say as I do, I be as I say, I do as I do. So no. I can't really think of an instance when I've been hypocritical. It comes down to how honest you are with yourself, and being honest with who you are. And that's one thing I'm not afraid of -- facing who I am.
  7. I don't know about other folks but I know I'm at least not one to my knowledge, I say and do what I mean. But I know what you're talking about
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  8. Yes I am hypocrites for thinking like a idiot back when I was in school,I would never forgets myself.
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    it hypocritical to change your mind?

    lets say you share a certain belief when you are 18yrs old, then after a few years past and you gain experience in life and change your mind. Is it hypocritical to then hold the complete opposite belief? Is it, and its normal because people grow and change as they get older and it would be disingenuous to expect people to stay the exact same.
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