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  1. This whole post is legion, :D * appluades loudly*.
    But especially this one perhaps the web master could quote this as a main page testimonial
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    1. How does it EXACTLY feel of being IN the conversation? Do you try to be in it or it automatically happens? Do you choose topics to feel comfortable? What are your mindsets or goals (or maybe even goalless) during this conversation?

    2. How do you start cold approach? Does it feel mechanically purposeful or spontaneous in its simplest nature? I tried it before and it sure as hell felt awesome.

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    My Journal
    Thanks guys for the lovely replies. Makes me kind of proud.

    It does happen somehow automatically, sometimes right after the first word, and sometimes it starts to flow slowly after fear of approaching fades. It's a thing that I just learned recently: Fear turns into ecstasy very often, if you choose to fully feel it. It's also a thing that depends on chemistry with other people. Sometimes you have nothing to say. Well, that happens.

    I would say it comes naturally with a lot of meditation practice and p free lifestyle.

    Let me think. I would say I usually don't do approaches, when I feel very down or needy and I'm in a mindset of I need a girl now to be happy, to make my life better.
    I usually pick a day and just go out and start with a few easy approaches like asking for time or directions. This often helps to get in the groove.
    When I see a girl I like and get some slight signals I try to go for it. There's this rule I heard about which says after you made the decision in your head, you should go for it within 3 seconds, so your mind can't come up with all the negative talk. (I found that to be true a lot) I made the experience that the more casually it happens the easier it is, because then there isn't this pressure vibe, it's just an offer I give, and I can enter the conversation with a I dont care about the outcome energy.
    Sometimes I'm out without the idea of doing any approaches, but I somehow get in such a good and careless vibe, that I decide it's a good moment to work on my fears, because I feel that good, that a rejection doesn't hurt that much. Sometimes the universe opens doors and I think we should take this opportunity, when something fearful maybe gets a little bit less fearful.

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    For some reason I feel my life experience is a copy of yours in a parallel universe. I also spent years trying to do approaches but mostly incomplete. I would go ask for time and directions and got 3 numbers over the 5 year course.

    I completely agree that 3 second rule works. The less we think and less we desire it, the better it always turns out in a much easier way. I live in a small city SoCal so I guess I'd probably move to bigger cities to do it.

    Thanks for the reply and hope you all well.



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    Thank you for this post, it clarified some of the biggest question marks in me.

    And I too came to the conclusion of pickup/cold approaches are for ego boosting. Don’t get me wrong I did just 3-4 cold approaches since my no PMO journey. Very, very deep down the aloneness and the inability to take the aloneness were the biggest motivator for pickup attempts, a suffering in many ways. They were great, with variable success, but the answers from my meditation sessions were “Watch your greed”, "If you don't want to do so, so be it", “Don’t avoid it when you spent your life looking for it” and “Don’t misuse your power”. Your way of doing it now would fit me (and many others) on the way of healing. Honor genuine connections you encounter, let go of the rest. Life is easier that way.

    I am a fan of OSHO too.

    Take care.
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    My Journal
    OSHO is great.
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    Dude what a great post! Loved it, man! Thank you for making this post. Really inspiring to read about the confidence you have got after this streak! I hope you go on inspiring many more people struck in this (PMO) mire.
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    Totally agree.
    This one is hard for me. I clearly remember that magic yo describe but I can't feel that way now arround women, I'm expecting bad intentions. Did this happened to you?
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  9. 500 days? Wow that's getting serious! Nice job!

    What is OSHO?
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    NoFap Defender

    Thank you so much for sharing!!
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    My Journal
    I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. Do you mean you're expecting that the women around you will think you have bad intentions when you speak to them?

    If this is the case... From my experience most women aren't like that. I spoke to many, many women the last few months and most women are very flattered and nice, when you approach them and compliment them in a honest way, and showing interest in her as a person.

    Women who react excessively rejective to a guy who shows interest in them, and approaches her in a respectful way, are either not comfortable with their own sexuality or hardcore feminists, which is... basically the same.

    OSHO is a man, who shared many great modern meditation techniques for the modern human for example. There are also a lot of good books around by him.

  12. Ok I looked it up later on. Thanks.
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    I said it before and i am saying it again : some women are the closest thing to perfection.
    It is us men who are brainwashed from an early age to objectify women.

    It is only when we start seeing their inner beauty and connecting with it , that we will be free and happy.
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    "They are humans just like us and they want to connect, feel each others body and share true feelings"
    This is my favourite line and this line will keep me motivated. Thanks a lot!!!!
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    Congrats on your success! You must have been transformed if people didn't even recognize you. That's some serious work you put in. Be proud and good luck.
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    mine is day 4
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